Not Guilty

Not Guilty


We are a unique blend of many genres including: Alternative, Rock, Funk, Blues, a pop edge and a very small amount of jazz in a song or two. This is a tremebdous change since almost three years ago we were a pop-punk band.


We are a rock/alternative/pop/indie band from Warrenton VA and up until about summer 2006 we were a pop-punk band. But since Jesse began playing in jazz band and listening to classic greats, such as Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton, and since Tina Hughes was added as singer and rythm guitarist, we have become an alternative rock band with many blues and funk roots.

John and Tina recently played in a band that opened for an up and coming band called Tokyo Rose, who was recently on tour with Taking Back Sunday and part of the Vans warped tour.

John's parents are both musicians and have a professional quality home studio in there basement, Not Guilty is working on recording there first album in this studio.

We competed in a battle of the bands in which no one knew about us, the other bands brought all of there friends, and we still only lost by a few votes.

We used to play music so people would like us but now we play music for the purpose of freat music, getting known would be nice but we're in it for the experience.



Written By: Not Guilty

Spinnin' around
I dont think i can
figure out which way is up or which way is down
Twistin around
I left my mind an hour ago and now im sitting here
all alone

And im suprised i can figure out a
melody without steppin all over my words
and im suprised i can think
clearly with these stars
circling my head

Dizzy im dizzy
and im tryin to get me feet
on the ground
and i just cant get my head
out of the clouds

Repeat first verse

Repeat chorus twice


No CD's are finished yet but some of our tracks are available for streaming at www/

Set List

Our set has at least 9 songs if time permits.