nothenb4cash n. b. c.

nothenb4cash n. b. c.

BandHip HopR&B

nothenb4cash is fam made of polo and chief b.Polo has the lyrical wordplay like afabulous or t.i.Chief B is similar to lil wayne the way he delivery his lines


we[ polo nchief b] bothe came from st.louis streets one from the northside the other from kinloch.Polo was born in kinloch.At 8 he seen his mother shot she later died from the shotgun blast to the stomach. He feels that makes him stronger than others cause he delt wit worste pain as a child. Chief b was born in lacled town to street hustler who had numerous hustles which gave him his business savy


NOTHENB4CASH MIXTAPE;STILL KEEPING IT GUTTA PRT 1....i`m bad the single streaming on betarecords ...........Where I`m From streaming.....

Set List

I`m Bad ,Where I`m From,Hoodstar,Still Keeping It Gutta, and then maybe a mixtape song