Nothing is like taking a shot to the gut.


Nothing is the face of society, stichted behind a mask that our sick world has forced us all to wear. As one stands forward to speak in your name. Kain, a Fallen soul cursed to live in the Darkness of your mind. Releasing the demons within you to feast upon, your soul Kain may taste, but your heart fuels the music he is after. Forced to Become what you are in something so different, as a fragile creature, or a dieing man lost in his own reality. For everywhere you are Nothing can be found, lurking beneath your feet or sending shivers down your spine. It's the Fear, the creation of passion torn between Lust for Love. So follow our lies your safe little world created out of hope for power and greed. Leading the path to the undead........


ZISI - 15 track Self recorded 2003
Nailed to the Cross - 5 track studio recorded 2005

Set List

To die Unfaithful- 8:25
Breathe Desire- 4:40
Become what you are- 2:00
Darkness- 8:00
Exit the Untrue- 5:00
By the Sword of Satan- 4:40
O79784544857- 4:00
We Are Dead- 4:10
Swanson- 6:30
Sudden Hate- 4:00