Nothing Can Seperate

Nothing Can Seperate


Nothing Can Seperate is a Christian alternative rock band which features catchy hooks, sing a long choruses, and exotic sounds similar to U2, Queen and Radiohead.


Nothing Can Seperate features veterans of the Chicago music scene fed up with the lack of Christian representation among well known bands. Desiring to honor and witness for Christ, NCS took their sound and put it to use for the ultimate good.


Ask Again Yesterday (LP)
The Jerry Soto Sessions
1. Try
2. Road: One Million Miles
3. Previously Vntitled (Ask Again Yesterday)

Set List

Nothing Can Seperate can play as little as 15 minutes and as long as one hour. Their set features all original Christian inspired alternative rock.

Typical Set:
1. Road: One Million Miles
2. Previously Vntitled (Ask Again Yesterday)
3. No Composure In Violence
4. Try
5. No Reasons Why
6. Lo1ve
7. We'll Get Through All of This
8. Losing You
9. Fade; A Way
10. Life
11. No Composure In Violence (Acoustic)