Nothing Concrete

Nothing Concrete


Alt-gypsy-folk-blues with sometimes dark, sometimes light, wry and often humorous stories, quality songwriting, interesting themes, fun, uplifting at times and occasionally upsetting. Stuff you'd like to listen to if you like good things. Like a nice cake, in some ways. Layered.


We were brought together by an LDV van and a map of Europe. There were a bunch of songs already written but no-one to play them with, and though they sounded good without vocals or instruments, they sounded much better when we started to play them out loud, in front of people, in pubs, then venues, then a boat, and the high street.... Anywhere!

The idea was not to follow the well beaten path of getting gigs in town, bringing your mates along, and taking a share of the door, sending demo's to record companies and all that well worn stuff, but to become real gypsies, on the road, playing everywhere we could, whether it be a street corner for a few zlotti, (wherever you get zlotti,) or the Rockness festival, or someone's house in exchange for a plate of custard and chips.

The influences come from everywhere, it's futile to try and list them, We've about 105 years on earth between us and all been being influenced by something every day. I like flamenco stuff though sometimes, and kids nursery rhymes played by a victorian sounding lady with a piano, put on the 45 setting on a record player when it's a 33rpm record... and stories in which people get killed in tragic circumstances, or heartbroken, and so on. Just listen to the music it's definitely better than reading a list that says Rolling Stones, Beatles, Clash, Dylan, Bay City Rollers, Butthole Surfers, etc.


We've a bunch of stuff recorded, and continue to do so, but we're all about playing live, if you want discs, we'll send you discs, or if you want to listen to us in the privacy of your own home, we'll come and play for you there, as long as you cover our expenses. If you want to have something to keep, come to a gig and buy a disc there, it's a constantly changing, evolving creation, artwork is mostly individual, and generally so is the tracklisting. Each one is a little bit of our soul.

Set List

Depends on length, we play some gigs for 25 minutes and some for up to two hours, we've two gigs on consecutive days coming up where we'll be playing to the same bunch of people as we're in the remotest part of britain and they can't get away... so we'll pull everything out of the bag for that - probably 3 hours worth, but a 45 minute to 1 hour set might go
Old bad moon
Ringmasters Wife
Trying to sleep
Wishing Well
Coin is God
Sit Tight
Old Black Crow
Big white ship
One Step Ahead