Nothing Like Negative

Nothing Like Negative


A gritty melodic modern rock band , with a dominating live show fueled by raw power and energy. Nothing Like Negative has the musicianship, equipement, and power to back up any studio fluff.


Nothing Like Negative was formed in the summer of 2003 by four guy's with a common goal, to make music for music's sake and to have fun in the process. They describe their sound as a gritty melodic modern rock. Adding true balance to their sound they perform both as a "live loud rock band" and as an acoustical act. Some of their achievements include...

„« Winning the Sacramento City College Battle of the Bands and headlining Sac. City Colleges home coming at Hughes Stadium.
„« 2 successful sold out bus trips to Bay area clubs
„« Being selected to appear on 98 Rock's "Sac Rock's Vol. 11" CD 2004 release
„« Artist of the month for 98 Rock in October 2004
„« Live acoustic radio performance on 98 Rock
„« Being selected to appear on 98 Rock's "Sac Rock's Vol. 12" CD 2005 release

Nothing Like Negatives current goals are to keep expanding their artistic direction, continue to entertain people with their live shows and expand their fan base.

For Booking or other info contact:

Brian Quinn (916) 505-9665


4 song demo
12 LP

Set List

20 songs worth of original material