nothing personal

nothing personal

 Littleton, Colorado, USA

our music is hard to define, we come from many diffrent influences including, devil wears prada, and the chariot. with melodic lead guitar and brutal rythem backing it up. it will have the whole croud on there feet


Nothing Personal was formed in 2007. Originally Nothing Personal consisted of Zach Airozo (Rhythmic Guitar/Vocals), Haley Downs (Bass/Vocals), Lindsey Chard (Lead Guitar/Vocals), and Trevor Hinkly [Former drummer]. Later Zachary McPherson took Trevor’s place as drummer. October of '09 Brad Stewart joined the band bringing out its full potential. With club and concert promoters calling Nothing Personal is about to take off. In 2010 Nothing Personal recorded there first demo CD with Benny Thompson from “Honor the Fallen” an international band coming straight out of Broomfield Colorado. Nothing Personal is a rare hardcore metal band. With thought out meaningful lyrics illustrating each band member’s hard pasts it’s a guarantee to have the toughest crowd pumping their fists for in rhythm with machine gun drum parts and brutal guitar riffs backed up by a grinding bass and topped off with melodic lead guitar its no escape once you enter a mosh pit with Nothing Personal!!!


2010 demo cd (self titled)

Set List

we play about 5-10 songs depending on the set time

song list-
nothing personal
fear of tommorow
as the last star fades
swallowing desserts
whats going on
english is better with popcorn
i cheesed my pretzel
scene kids go south