Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Nothing Rhymes with Orange


An American Rock band with U.K. roots!!!


Coccaro brothers, Carl Almasy on vocals and Rich on guitar, have always had a knack for writing great music. Growing up on a regimen of mostly UK influences, Rich, a self-proclaimed introvert, was introduced to the guitar by a dear friend who suffered a tragic accident that took his life at an early age. Conversely, Carl always taunted his counterpart by crooning to the tune of modernists like The Church and Echo And The Bunnymen.

However, it would not be until years later that the feuding brothers would make amends to join with friend of Almasy, Travis Rosen on bass.

A Miami transient from Delaware by the name of Zack Eldridge permanently filled a revolving drum seat, locking in instantly with the unlikely trio.

Nothing Rhymes With Orange’s first release, Soho, was a collection of infectious tunes that introduced the group to the eclectic South Florida music scene. Their catchy melodies and foreign sound began turning heads of avid music fans who clamored for something different than the local music scene had to offer...songs.

Now writing enough music to debut one or two new songs at each show, the group eleased an EP, Under a Spell, to showcase some of the new material.
The CD sold quickly and they soon began collaborating and recording selected tracks from their roster with the likes of Grammy winning producers, Charles Dye and Bob Rosa.

Released independently in 2004, Polite Gothic took the group to a national audience by virtue of college radio. The CD achieved medium to heavy rotation and charted in various markets during the year of 2005. Armed with Carl’s on-stage charisma and wicked sense of humor coupled with Rich’s larger than life guitar-scapes, the group hit key U.S. cities where a new audience began to take hold.

2006 Rings in the release of the group’s newest work, Hello Mysterious. Eleven rich tracks that are a signature of what has been referred to as the Nothing Rhymes With Orange “sound”. Their cross-over appeal has garnered the group bills supporting contemporary heavyweights such as Matchbox 20, Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Mayer to cutting-edge modernists like Ravonettes and Louis XIV; all the while converting unsuspecting listeners into loyal fans.


Soho (11/2000)
Under A Spell (2/2002)
Polite Gothic (9/2004)
Hello Mysterious (4/2006)

Set List

Kill the Vibe
Billy the Kid
Better than me
Like Clockwork
Silent Wonder
Love Poam