Nothing Special

Nothing Special

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Modern Rock with a slight 80's feel and a touch of progressive rock.


Nothing Sacred has been together in different forms for over a decade, but reached this final form 4 years ago. Our influences are extremely varied, from OLP to Dream Theater to Elton John to U2 and everything in between. Our Music combines what we feel to be the best in modern, 80's, progressive rock, and we put on an incredibly high energy live show.

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To date we have released 1 full CD, entitled In This World, which was recorded at Metalworks in Toronto with the aid of producer/engineers Graham Brewer, Ian Bodzasi, and the mastering talents of Nick Blagona

Set List

A typical set list includes all the songs from the CD plus new material that we're working on. The set order changes from show to show (We're still working on the perfect set order, we believe our show should take the listener on a jouney). Our full show typically was a single 1 1/2 hour set. We no longer do covers, but when we did we typically had songs by U2, Our Lady Peace, Def Leppard and others.