Nothing Short of Pure

Nothing Short of Pure


Take a little Bob Marley, some Sublime, a pinch of Blues, and a dash of classic rock and you have the bands basic ingredients. We are just 3 guys that love playing rock reggae music and getting a whole crowd of people stoked on it to. Take a listen and listen and see if you don't get fired up.


We all bring different aspects into our music that we create. Mostly we create our music on the spot live because improvisation is a big part of music. The inspiration of the beach is one of many things in life that is Nothing Short of Pure. Its where the sun sets, its where the sand rests with billions of tiny thoughts trying to catch you at the toes. Music is an outlet in which we can relieve stress, take ourselves away from daily troubles, and keep ourselves a in a positive mental mind. Music, unlike anything else is something that everybody can relate to no matter what type of genre it might be. The feeling cant be delivered by just words or art or any other thing. Music can be extremely powerful; however when it hits you, you feel no pain. It can brighten the day, bring back memories, motivate you and inspire in many different ways. Knowing this, when we write songs the feeling is positive and the vibes are sublime. We send a different type of aura with every song we write. Our style is widely spread over a lot of genres, but mostly its delivered in reggae, punk, indie, rock, jazz and blues. We make music cause we live for it and we try to spread our vibes that we like to keep Nothing short of Pure.


Way High

Written By: Brian Muth (Nothing short of pure)

way high in positive mental mind,
a stoned note's rope,
while others unwind.
I climb into the sky,
grab the notes real high,
put them in my pocket,
and tell the others goodbye.

Slow down sly,
dont you pass us by.
This trip calls
for the slow ride.

Way High


We released our first self-titled LP in 2008 with 15 great tracks. Featured songs as "Beachside" "Budman" and "No Authority" have all seen some radio airtime. "Budman" was recently featured (winter 2009) on a radio show in CT. "Roll On" has been used for a radio commercial and "Way High" along with other tracks have been featured in Surfing DVD reels.

We are currently working on our next album and will be heading into the recording studio fairly soon.

Set List

Our typical set list is mainly fueled by original songs (Tracks from our Self-Titled LP and newer unrecorded) all supported with covers from bands such as Sublime ("Caress Me Down, "Badfish", etc); Pepper ("Too Much, "Ashes"etc); Slightly Stoopid ("Wiseman" "I'm So Stoned"); and Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Soul to Sweeze" Havania Affair"), etc.. all of which really depends on the venue and mood.

We have entertained people of all ages and backgrounds for as long as four hours. with sets containing ranging from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours with 10 songs a set.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and will adapt to any situation.