nothing simple

nothing simple


We are a non-stop-fun-kind-of band. people dance at our live shows!
We are all about real entertainment, not just playing our songs to people!


Nothing Simple has a twisted history of drummer changes, set-backs, and accomplishments. Through our existence we've continued to keep our eyes set to our goal which is bringing entertainment to the people. Our music has been described as "a mix of Dave Matthews-esque chord progressions mixed with the rythymic stylings of Cream"(Craig, With that in mind let's make some people dance!


"Kick You in the Nuts" ep. Is currently being played in regular rotation at Appalachia State in N.C.

Set List

We have a full set worth of original material. We also have about 7 sets worth of cover tunes. All styles ranging from blues-pop mostly from the 60's, 70's, and 80's with a few newer tunes