Nothing Sinister

Nothing Sinister

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Nothing Sinister are a 5 Piece Classic Rock band who are based in Macclesfield. We like to put on a kick-ass show, have a great time, and partake in some Band/Audience banter, which is always fun. We are Hair Metal, re-invented for the new generation.


Started in 2007 and released our first EP in 2008, entitled 'By Name Not Nature', however, we prefer to refer (No rhyme intended) to our first EP as our 2009 release, 'Into The Storm.


By Name Not Nature - 2008
Into The Storm - 2009

Into The Storm has recieved lots of local radio airplay, and we have been interviewed on Rock radio shows.

Set List

20 - 30 Minute Set:
This Could Have Been You
Poison - Alice Cooper
Say You Don't Feel It
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Sweet Misery

30 minutes to an hour:
All of our covers (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Steel Panther, Lady GaGa (for funsies) The Proclaimers Remix, Metallica and Bon Jovi) and all of our own material.