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Tidal Wave

Written By: Ryan Steven Carrillo

she lift me soo high but i’m not ready to go
she’s my only escaping from the hectic world down below
then destiny takes me like a drunk roller coaster thru my lover’s life
there’s plenty of fist in the ocean but none like you and i

you life me soo high but i’m too stoned to know
the sand and the sea and my green eyes stained soo blue

when i choose to stand up like a man has to do
will you show me the many things to make me worthy of you
so i won’t be just slashing my ways across a mirror of blue
every days with you is summer these words i say they are true

when i’m all alone enveloped by you
feels like you’re gonna hold me down till i turn blue

i’d drive all day and night to see your face
and bury my toes in the sand put things back in their place
my time spent with you flies by i can never be the same again
protect you from wrong in the world like a lover and my only friend

if i kick my feet seems like i’m pulling away
Know that i'll make me return day after day

Man Overboard

Written By: Ryan Steven Carrillo

south china sea freight line
stowaway from the rest of my life
seen soo much blue seems i’m lost at sea
not a care in the world no one to rescue me
i could sail away forget about all my dreams today
to leave what mind behind wash away a world that’s so unkind

to walk upon the bow of a sinking ship
find my place among the tuna fish
was ashore with no regrets

the monsoon winds will wash my face ashore
i don’t care no more i don’t care no more
let’s jump this ship and try to swim for shore
i don’t care no more i don’t care no more

a stowaway upon a freighter lost in the china sea
will nobody want to rescue me
is there a cure for that’s ailing me
the monsoon winds could wash my face ashore
i don’t care no more i don’t care no more