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No Time For Discord

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"That Boy James "Neon" EP Review"

OK peeps its time to support some local talent today with No Time For Discord and their debut EP Neon(2009)

No Time For Discord is a three piece outfit from Melbourne that's made up of Darnell Pisco, Mikkey Deesko and Dan Rabbit, who came to my attention earlier this year on MySpace. I am going to make a bold statement here and say that you won't have heard anything like this before.

The interesting mix of electronics, punk and rock with a dash of metal will have you raucously, unashamedly and uncontrollably moving your good self to their infectious sounds.

Neon the debut Extended Player from No Time For Discord is one hell of a sonic experience one that is not for the faint hearted so harden the up and listen up or go home. This unique amalgamation of genres manages to transcend each individual style to create a fresh new sound.

The overproduction that weighs down most electronic music these days making it bland and repetitive is no where to be heard here, the feel is unpolished, gritty and raw which gives the music a real earnest quality, it forgoes the whiny "woe is me" nuances of punk without losing its attitude and punch and avoids the annoying pitfalls of cheesy faux rock, it also makes me forget about my usual aversion to screamed vocals. The songs are lyrically brash but without a hint of pretention and are sure of themselves without being precious.

No Time For Discord really have all the boxes checked they are unique while at the same time being accessible enough to grab fans from each musical style they borrow from and that I beleive will be the key to their future success.
- James





No Time For Discord began its existence in a trashed pool room being used as a rehearsal space in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The reformation of 2 beasts known as "Pisco" and "Deesk√ł" ignited fire in their souls (and crotches) once more and drinking began in August 2008. Being disgusted of pumping out pop punk songs was high on the agenda. Another agenda issue was how to come up with an actual original style of music that they hadn't heard before. Something actually interesting, after all they werent sheep, like others, playing other peoples music.

The writing commenced and very different backgrounds in music smote each other in the face. Guitars were downtuned and samples were blazoned across the landscape of a very beautiful 80s brick veneer house being abused. Demos were recorded on mobile phones and lyrics were pencilled in the strangest of places (again crotches.) Countless months were spent behind laptops and computers with Deesko tearing his hair out while Pisco shouted drunk opinion after opinion. A sight to see, believe me.

Song titles such as 'Donkey Kong in Hong Kong' and 'Run Siberian Punk Run' gave the sessions a very chaotic circus feel. Songs were written on bass guitar, skins, samples, the worst keyboard known to man and another worse keyboard that sadly gave its life to drug fuelled fire. During the writing and analysing of enough filth to annoy the guy next to you, they acquired a bass player. In a chance meeting in an undisclosed shithole, the question was asked. "Rabbit" was the man for the job and accepted the right to play in a band trying to change something, they just didnt know what yet. The bunny ears moved gracefully as the death dance moved into a new rehearsal space.

After collecting enough ideas and songs in finished form NTFD headed into the studio in May 2009 to record there debut extended player NEON. After working harder than normal for a week, the bastard child was born. The idea of the band was to move people but also to hurt their necks in a live scenario. Somewhat ironic since the band name suggests that war and disagreement has to cease. The connundrum was forgotten and they were finally ready to take the show on the road so to speak. Dance Dance Death has started . . . . . .