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Honest and introspective music that attempts to encompass the breadth of the reality I find myself in. Hip hop that strives for improvement.


Notion looks deep into himself and his surroundings and returns with honest and souful insights. Combining vast musical and life influences with his desire for originality, Notion dispels preconceived assumptions and expresses himself to the furthest degree. He refuses to paddle in a current of assimilation, embracing his doubts, his fears, and his uncertainty, as well as his confidences, sharply developed skills and poignant observations.

Whether spitting clever and abrasive battle raps or emotionally conveying heartfelt poetry, Notion pushes himself and his art toward a destination he himself cannot yet see.


Flowers Grow

Written By: notion

If Ghostface couldn’t go to sleep, I can’t believe how long I’ve been sleeping,
If the world is a cold place, then its my own heart that’s freezing,
Holding tight with clenched fists all the blankets I’ve been stealing,
The depths of my soul search, found the whole earth bleeding,
The soulless path we keep keepin, with new shoes underneath em,
Knee deep in dead flowers powerless to see em,
Hours progress, or regress, regardless they keep stealin,
My life from me, life’s sunny days keep me from seein,
The desperation around me, and keep me believin,
That these sunny days is reality’s median,
But the more reality I’m seein in,
Is startin to battle me within,
And I cant come to an agreement,
With the error I’m seein and the air I’m breathin...


On this walk to the top of the mountain,
Please look to your side, look to your side
Cause the top will still be there,
But these flowers are about to die, about to die

(I hear) We gotta write what we see, and write what we know,
But the more I see what I write, the more that it shows
That the things that I write and the things that I know,
Are not the things of this life, and its not acceptable,
It’s just not my right, to ignore all except my soul,
Disregard your plight as long as I become whole,
Nah that’s not right and its not acceptable,
Cause for my life to ever become whole
Then your life and your plight cannot be neglectable,
Cause your plight and your life are inseparable,
From the condition and health and very breath of my soul...
The very breath of my soul gasps for the incessant control,
Of my selfishness hold to be taken ahold and lettin it go,
So I put these words in my throat and my face to the gravel road,
And listen to the flowers grow...

I always look for progression in this music,
Something I can take a lesson from, somethin I can do with,
And I look at my message’s sum and wonder if its useless,
Cause what am I saying? What am I provin?
That suffering exists and persists
If I use fists or make lists and we’re still losin?
I think we already knew this, its just some of us choosin,
To use fists or make lists or be hopeless of anything improving,
And its all valid in this pallid future,
Where we sing ballads and read tragedy on computers,
With diet specific salads and plates that’re full,
Its killin me, is it our responsibility to change the unchangeable?
And on my quest to the answer “Yes” my plate stays full,
And my prayers keep themselves at distant intervals,
So what can I say to you when my progression is stuck?
Lets look at our brothers with love, lets look at our brothers with love,
Knowing it’ll never be enough, it’ll never be enough


The Before Now EP (June 2006)

Set List

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Example 30 Minute Set:
-Time To Go
-Losing Sight
-My Raps
-Same Old Song