Not Men But GIANTS

Not Men But GIANTS


Super Furry Animals, Weezer, Pixies, Supersystem, Your mother...yeah I said it.


So it began…four unwise men conspired to Greatness and, in the throws of booze and enthusiasm, pledged to make a dent in music history that would last beyond their mortal coils. Blood was spilled, then shared, and our four heroes became not men but GIANTS.

Bolstered by their experience playing together in other bands and projects, the lads immediately became One, and working at a furious pace they hammered out an impressive set of recordings which became the "30 Second Attention Span" EP. Shortly afterwards, 2FM came knocking and invited NMBG to play a leg of the 2moro tour, followed by a visit to RTE to record a session for Dan Hegarty’s show.

2008 saw the band shoot their first video with NYU/Tisch in association with hotpress for the song 'A Dying Art', which will be one of the songs included in their forthcoming 'Nooks/Crannies' EP, scheduled for release in August.

not men but GIANTS are prepared to plant a huge footprint in your head. If you wish to catch a glimpse of these Giants, simply look to the skies*.


30 second attension span ( A promotional ep)

Nooks/Crannies - Due out in August .

A Dying Art Video - A Tisch college New York in association with Hotpress production . Just youtube Not men but Giants and you will find it .

Set List

A typical 30 minute set

Come Outside
Talking to a Microphone
A Dying Art
Unhappy Birthday
Am I Retarded
You never cry at weddings
Last years Brown