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Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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After six years of playing a succession of storming shows across the city and building up a very loyal and passionate following along the way, No Tokyo have finally found a way to transfer their anthemic psychedelia onto record. Tonight is the official launch party for their self-titled EP; a celebration of the many years of hard work and dedication, and the starting point for what lies ahead for a band which is so well respected within the city.

This time last week another of Manchester's most respected acts were headlining a packed out Ritz despite little commercial success or major label support as Puressence were proving that loyalty will always follow quality. The same can be said of Failsworth's other finest exports as No Tokyo are still able to gather a loyal following despite being unsigned as the ambitious nature of the band continue to strike a chord within their own unique way.

After spending many debauched nights in the dark confines of 42s over the years, it was a change to witness part of the club being transformed into a gig venue through sober eyes as the stage was effectively set up in an out-cove on the way to the bar at the back of the venue. It worked well as the vast dancefloor area became an intimate environment as the audience were brought into a tight spot in front of this out-cove to make the most of this unorthodox set-up.

The sound within the venue is superb throughout as the band bring their EP tracks back to the live stage with consistent power and emotion. Frontman Daz is confident and enigmatic throughout as his vocals soar majestically on the riff heavy 'Ego Healer' and The Music/Sunshine Underground feel of 'Flickering Lights', while prowling the stage and losing himself in the reverb-led guitar, rolling basslines and thumping drums that are pounding out behind him. Traditional live favourite 'More Than You'll Ever Know' provide the arms aloft moment of the evening while the epic nature of 'Renegades' with its lyrical statement of "We're not content to be the same" add an air of poignancy to proceedings and a clear indication that they will continue to refrain from following any trend-setting scene in order to increase exposure. It's that philosophy which add to the appeal of a band that make such emotionally charged anthems without ever compromising and managing to build up such a strong fanbase throughout. As the nine minute early Verve-esque anthem of '40 Skies' bring the passionate performance to a suitably epic close, No Tokyo have shown that there will always be a place for their own brand of psychedelic indie-rock within this city and on the strength of tonight's performance there is much evidence to suggest that they will always be welcome. - Adam Wheeldon -

"No*Tokyo - No*Tokyo EP Review"

No*Tokyo have taken their time getting to the point where they are happy to put out studio material, concentrating instead on becoming a consistent live act, renowned for the incendiary intensity of their gigs. This incarnation of the band have been plugging away for a couple of years now and whilst they have not exactly been avoiding time in the studio, it has certainly not been a priority. Until now.

At five tracks and twenty-seven minutes, their debut release is packaged as an E.P. but we are almost in mini-album territory here. Lead track, 'Ego Healer' is possibly the heaviest song they have yet constructed, with Ernie Robinson's guitar firmly set to level rock. Daz Whittaker sings of seeking inspiration and, perhaps, something to relate to. 'More Than You'll Ever Know' is the most radio-friendly offering on the E.P. and the dance groove is in complete contrast to the opening track. Here, Whittaker muses over a girl who is not all she claims to be, a total contempt of fakes being a theme that runs through No*Tokyo's songs.

'Renegade' is quite rightly the centrepiece of this release. The song is a seething blast at the current state of popular culture, in particular the music scene and you can sense the frustration in Whittaker's yearning plea to be heard. "How can they deny us, if they don't know?" he ponders malevolently, over a wall of guitars. 'Flickering Lights' finds a paranoid Whittaker, in an intoxicated struggle over which path to take. Robinson's noodling guitar is the perfect contrast to Lee Graham's understated bass line in a song that has become a staple of the No*Tokyo live set. Including a song that clocks in at just one second short of nine minutes is a brave move but not a second of '40 Skies' is wasted. Dale Baker's stoic drumbeat maintains the pace, whilst Whittaker reminisces over the regret of leaving behind something so close to perfection, that it hurts. This is a space rock groove that The Verve circa 1994 would have been proud of.

The level of No*Tokyo's resolve not to rush this release is matched only by their conviction to be themselves and not mould their sound to the latest musical fad. "We're not content to be the same" pleads Whittaker in 'Renegade' and that determination oozes through everything they do. The studio-feet have finally and decisively been found and the sky really is the limit for No*Tokyo.

No*Tokyo E.P. is digitally released on 4th April 2011 and available from all of the major digital retailers. A limited edition physical release follows on 3rd May 2011. - Mike Nuttall -


All My All (Free Download) - September 2011
NO*TOKYO EP - May 2011



- Formed in late 2009 in Manchester.

- Craft a unique mix of Space Rock and Danceable Indie.

- Toured relentlessly throughout the UK since their formation.

- Toured with/Supported bands such as The Music, The Sunshine Underground, The Fall, Doves, Exit Calm and Puressence.

- Promoted many of their own gigs such as their sell out EP launch gig at 42nd Street Nightclub in Manchester.

- NO*TOKYO’s eponymous debut EP was self-released by the band on 4th April 2011 and is available to buy from All Major Digital Retailers Worldwide.

- Intense and energetic Live Shows.

- More info, Photos & Music available at WWW.NOTOKYO.NET