Notorious Coo

Notorious Coo

 Los Angeles, California, USA
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The wave of the future coming through the new evolution of mans. All the nursery rhyming, style bittin, hip hop wanna be's gon bow down for the truth. MPI


Coo Breed The Ghetto Poet to most known as just Coo, cuz the Ghetto Poetry aint been herd yet. With Lyrics that make you go damn Coo's come to set the industry off. Been writing since the age of seven performing since ten Coo truely found his calling after years of discouragement and disbelief. Coo has the magic stick to turn haters into Fanatics.



Written By: Mark Hamilton


Bump this joint and watch the club go crazy this ones goes out to all my Dj’s
Yea yea all my Dj’s, Yea Yea all my Dj’s,
Bump this joint and watch the club go crazy this ones goes out to all my Dj’s
Yea yea all my Dj’s, Yea Yea all my Dj’s,
Bump this joint and watch the club go crazy this one goes out to all my Dj’s
Yea yea all my Dj’s Yea Yea Dl’s

The Docs in the spot cuz they nymphomatic,
Bump this joint but let em know they cant have it
Press the replay the clubs on easy, now everybody give it up to the Dj
WHoo one two three four this goes out to all the people
Up in here now nigga put yo glass down, ladies Im need you to shake that ass now
Don’t stop to till you feel like you gon pass out
The dance floors packed so no room to back out
And if you acting all shy, like aint come to dance
Or you being all scared cuz you wit yo man
Im a tell the Dj to call you out, put yo name on blast then put you out
cuz this one this one this goes out to Dj in the booth spinning on the ones and twos
drawin the ladies to the flo like whats it do
my habit grab it and touch it dude
Don’t be mean to rude when I touch you boo
Im just wonderin if maybe I can cut on through

Its about time put em in air, yo hands Im talking
Lend me yo ears, Let me speak to em Dj let em know the bizness
If you aint wit this, what you doin in this
Lights he flashin can I get a witness
Money he stashin but he aint really trippin
All up in club like straight up dippin, three on his arm you can call him big pimpin
Shouts out to the girls by the bar, shouts out to the G’s wit the bankroll
Shouts to the owner turn it out, but tonight this joints is the Dj’s house
cuz we gon party like its our birthday ya’ll, and keep poppin bottles till they say last call
To all my ladies and all my dogs, know you fly, know Im high, feel the breeze when I walk on by, eyes on me like my oh my damn that Coo’s a hella of a guy
But tonight the Dj’s getting in those thighs

Chorus: 2

Verse :3
Touch it swing it damn let me sting it
See you lookin back girl yea I seen it
And what I said girl yea I mean it
Dance floors…packed
Bring it….back
Shorts like daisy can I get that
The way shes movin that ass so fat
What jeans you wearin is that pussykat
A lil promo if you caught that
Call you jill if I could be yo jack
I aint tryin to run it out just tryin to stack
So Im a slide on ova but I be rii back
Everybody else on flo say yea
If you got dough then say hell yea
If came to party then say oh yea
If you know the Dj’s up in here,
Give it up and let him know you feelin this shit


Single: Come Get You Some
Single: No Remoarse
Single: What Will I Do
all to debute on the upcoming album

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