Notsolow members, Charise Sowells and Evan Malouf, met shortly after moving back to Los Angeles and auditioning for a band advertised on Craigslist. They felt an immediate connection to one another which finally came to fruition on a national tour with the LA band. Although the tour was the nail in the coffin for the band it was only the beginning of a very fruitful bond between Charise and Evan. Within a month after returning to California the two packed up and drove to their favorite city on


Craigslist has the power to unlock destiny. It bring people together that would not have otherwise met. As is the case for many musicians, Charise Sowells and Evan Malouf met through this glorious site in Southern California.
Evan and Charise individually responded to an advertisement via Craigslist; Charise as a vocalist and keyboard player, and Evan as a bassist. They auditioned and got the gig. This happened in February 2010 and was the start of a beautiful beginning. Immediately after meeting, Charise and Evan were drawn to each other; through the following months the steadily fell in love.
The band went on a national tour in July and the two made it official and let the world, and their band mates, know that they were together. What lasted between Charise and Evan did not last with the band. After getting back to So Cal, the band broke. Evan and Charise decided to move away from the LA area to Austin, TX for a change of pace. their styles and recorded their debut album Piecemeal in the comfort of their own home. The two hav
Notsolow was born. Evan and Charise meshed e very different musical styles and were able to come together and create something original and unique. Their goal is to lift people up with music, giving them something catchy and positive to listen to.


Piecemeal (Full Album)