Not So Lucky

Not So Lucky

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Up Beat, Energetic, High Intensity Pop Rock, Screaming Fans and lots of Surprises, Hard Work, Diligence, You gotta risk it to get the biscuit


The band was formed while singer/songwriter Alexander Gage and drummer Zac Jones were still attending Madison High School. Christian Matthew and Martin O’Shaughnessy were in a band formed at rival MacArthur High School, and were natural rivals on the stage at the White Rabbit nightclub. Over time, though, O’Shaughnessy and Matthews’ band broke up (as many young bands do). Matthew jumped at the opportunity to join the evolving Not So Lucky lineup, followed later by O’Shaughnessy. The now solid quartet was soon packing venues across the city, and drew the attention of AJ Garces. Garces, with a history of classical guitar (taught by his father) and hardcore metal, felt like he could add something to the band. After impressing the group by learning their songs by listening to them on the Internet, Garces was granted an audition show and the rest has been sonic history.

After a few demos were recorded, they traveled to Springfield, Missouri to record their debut EP Questions & Answers with producer Kevin Gates (The Ready Set). To insure that the production was top notch, they mastered the recordings with Troy Glessner (Anberlin). The finished product, a poppy, rhythmic collection of songs that can easily be heard from one end of the radio dial (traditional Top 40) to the other (Radio Disney). Having lost members (Christian Matthew & O'Shaughnessy), Not So Lucky still consistently packed clubs across Texas opening up for acts such as Artist vs. Poet and Blood on the Dancefloor as well as earning two spots on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour. The Ernie Ball stage in their hometown, as well as a spot on the Kevin Says Stage in San Diego, California. Clean, catchy phrasing in the same vein of Allstar Weekend, and vocals reminiscent of Simple Plan, Not So Lucky successfully breaks away from the heavy metal, hardcore stereotypes of their hometown of San Antonio, Texas, with poppy, catchy songs that all can enjoy.


SIngles: A Little Closer (Questions & Answers EP)
The Turnover EP: released June 2010
Questions & Answers EP release date: Jan 11, 2011
Something Great-Single release date: Aug 5, 2011
Bad Days-Single release date: Dec 26, 2011
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Set List

1) Intro
2) The Turnover
3) Something Great
4) Bad Days
5) Questions & Answers
6) New Song
7) Life In Your Eyes