Not The Melody

Not The Melody


We're just 5 average people who love the Lord, love music, and love to worship Him. We want to use our God-given talents to bless the world for God's glory. All the music we make is for the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!


The name, Not The Melody, comes from the understanding that it doesn't matter how the chorus goes, how loud the guitar is, or what the melody sounds like, everything we do is for the glory of God. In other words, it's not about the melody. We've only been playing together for a short while, but we've known each other for a very long time, so we feel very comfortable with each other as musicians. Amazingly, all five of us have different musical tastes, but we agree on quite a few, including Mute Math, Leeland, Chris Tomlin, the list really is tremendous. We're unique because we all contribute to just about every song we make, making it a good collaboration, but you can still see each band members unique mark on the songs and style of our group. Most of all, though, we just love playing music!!


In My Heart

Written By: Chris Kelce, Betsy Kelce, Justin Ferry, Adam Ferry, William Edwards

Verse 1:
Sittin' here watching my life slip by trying to catch my breath, I'm holdin' on so tight, always askin' why.
Sometimes I feel so unsure and I'm reaching out for something more, can You pull me up, cause I'm drowning in my fears

In my heart I see the reflection of who You want me to be, in my heart I find heaven. In my heart Your love was perfected when You gave Your life for me, in my heart I find heaven

Verse 2:
You opened my eyes to who the world says I should be, and then You show me that's not who I am.
I look to the skies and I wonder how deep Your love must be, how deep your love must be

Cause my life is the proving ground, the confession I made of the love I've found. But I know that the truth is You found me

Lord You Lifted Me Up

Written By: Justin Ferry, Adam Ferry, Chris Kelce, William Edwards

Verse 1:
You promised Your salvation, so I will follow Your ways. And I'll sing a song of praise to You, for You have loved me all my days. And I love You, Lord, for blessing me, and now I'll shout Your name.

Lord, You lifted me up to the highest place. I wanna show the whole world what You've done for me. Lord, You lifted me up to the highest place, and I'll keep praising Your name with every breath I take

Verse 2:
You're more than I could ever know, but still I'll follow You. Your love is unfailing for me, it's better every minute, I see. And I love You, Lord, for blessing me, and now I'll shout Your name.

The faithfulness You've shown to us is like none of this world. I will give You everything I have for You are the Light of the world

Without You

Written By: Justin Ferry, Adam Ferry, Chris Kelce, William Edwards

Verse 1:
I'm fallin' faster every day. This life is breaking me away. But through the darkness I can see You're the only one I'll ever need.

Jesus, You can heal the broken. You change us through the words You've spoken. Where would I be without You, without You

Verse 2:
It's taking me some time to see that when I crash You're there for me. I lift my hands and cry for grace, You take me into Your embrace

Your blood covers me whenever I need it. You're always there for me even when I don't see You Lord

You Alone

Written By: Adam Ferry

You alone are God and I will worship You forever. You are my father and you're my creator, and no one could
take your place.

For You alone are the Alpha and Omega. And everything begins and
ends with You.

You alone are the one who created
the Earth and the Heavens and
You call me your own.
And You alone are the only one
who's worthy, of all the praise and
glory, so I give it all to You
I give it all to You.


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