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Tujunga, California, United States | INDIE

Tujunga, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM




"24-hour Party People"

“Theirs turned out to be a much different style than anything else on display at the showcase, a mixture of party rap and B-boy freestyle that’s uglier and more country than the Beastie Boys, but more studied and intricate than post-Eminem”abominations like Asher Roth” Justin Strout of Orlando Weekly - Orlando Weekly

"NOT THEM ~ A Taste Of New Music"

The best way to tuck into Not Them is by jumping in head-first, with minimal reservations or expectations. In other words, the next time you find yourself feeling that itch for something different – and front men Dirt Merchant and Gentleman J are nothing if they aren’t hard to define – plug in their new album, Blame It On the Blackout, and turn it up loud. The synth-backed, climactic beats on tracks such as “Celebration” aren’t justified if you’re in a bad mood or not paying attention. These guys are all about fun, and they lay it out unabashedly in their music.

The Florida-based film kids ride that fine line between music that has the audacity to be serious (or at least seriously good) and tongue-in-cheek: “made for the intellectual yet constituted for the college, partying, every day, Ramen eating, lovesick, beer drinking human being,” it might be hard to tell what is real and what is one big joke. Nevertheless, their sound is not easily lumped into the post-hipster genre buckets du jour.

So what will you get when you crank up their music (or better yet, watch one of their rollicking videos)? Well, it ain’t your corner-store hip hop, and it certainly isn’t gangsta rap. The closest thing to the mark is B-boy era word-smithing backed by straightforward but steady beats, with an extra helping of adrenaline. Think Eminem, minus the somber gravity. Are they self-aggrandizing? Sure, but only to the extent that their lyrics tout the finer points of getting drunk and laid. Not Them brings something refreshing and new to the turntable in a time when too many bands are starting to sound alike. They’re all about grabbing life by the balls and so far, they’re not apologizing. - MySpoonful

"Past, Present, Future: Not Them"

I’ve always said that I love musicians that don’t take themselves too seriously. I think it allows people to make better music and not get hung up on how they “should” sound. My little soapbox aside, this is exactly what Not Them are doing. Watch one of their videos, listen to a few tracks, and you can see just how much fun these two have. It’s like electro-gangsta rap from Canadian lumberjack hipsters…I guess. Regardless of my poor descriptors, this is fun music for fun people. Just go listen to it.

1. Past: What is your musical background? What has led you to this point?

GENTLEMAN J: When I was in high school, my heart was broken by a girl. It just so happened my friend had a guitar, which I borrowed and began writing. Guitar songs evolved into hip hop when I was washing dishes for a living in the adult world. Once i got into college freestyling at parties eliminated my shyness, and eventually producers and such would notice…hence me working hard at it now.
DIRT MERCHANT: I started off listening to classic country music like Hank Williams Sr., and Conway Twitty with my dad. As i got older and started feeling rebellious, the natural choice for me was punk rock. Bands like NOFX and Bad Religion seldom left my 3 disc CD changer. In the late 90's, I started listening to more and more hip hop. At first, I was into acts like the 504 boys, Nelly, and Lil Wayne, but after a while I started to lean more towards sounds like Atmosphere, and Aesop Rock. All of this basically molded me into the artist I am today.

2. Present: Where are you at now in your career? What are you currently working on?

GENTLEMAN J: Our career is at the tip of the end of its fuse, and whether it be dynamite or a nuke it will blow. We are currently working on upgrading our internet presence, and the content we put out. We are hilarious as well as talented, so the world has seen nothing quite yet…
DIRT MERCHANT: The beginning.. Currently I am working on some promotional mix tapes for Not Them!, and trying to get some things tied up so I can finish my solo tape.

3. Future: What’s coming up for you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

GENTLEMAN J: Mini tours and maybe a small little show on the telly. In five years I see us in mid-career, working with everyone whose considered big. Once anyone worth anything finds out what we have hiding in our brains, I guarantee they will flip out and ask us where have we been this whole time. In which I will promptly answer “underground”.

DIRT MERCHANT: Everything hopefully. We are improving our live act every performance, and focusing on getting our music out there to people that have not heard us yet. 5 years from now i want to be living comfortably, and steadily putting unique music out there for the fans.

4. Where can people find more of your music?

GENTLEMAN J: I don’t want this to sound pretentious at all, but just Google “Not Them”. Its easier than me writing down 6 links, you might not check because of the number of links.
DIRT MERCHANT: You can find our stuff at We also currently have 2 CD’s on iTunes. Keep your ears open for our new mix-tape dropping soon

5. Anything you’d like to plug?

GENTLEMAN J: We have a mixtape being released this month entitled “Woman Whipped and Talentless”, so expect a trail mix of songs on that. We are also going up the east coast, for a mini tour to New York in May. So be weary east coast…and do come party with us.
DIRT MERCHANT: All in Records… we the shit. - TwoGroove


"Blame It On The Blackout" ~ 2010

So Dope - NOT THEM
Don't Believe In Me - NOT THEM feat. Jess Rousse
Never Give Up - NOT THEM
Troubles - NOT THEM feat. Peter Baldwin
Celebration - NOT THEM
They Gave Up On Him - NOT THEM feat. Jess Rousse
Epiphany - NOT THEM
Don't Remember You - NOT THEM
Sally Mae - NOT THEM feat. Peter Baldwin
Change - NOT THEM feat. Peter Baldwin
The B Movie Version - NOT THEM
Drugs - NOT THEM
We Move & We Roll - NOT THEM feat. Jess Rousse
Just 'Cause We're Bored - NOT THEM feat. Mike Sapp & Madd Illz
My Own Plan B - Gentleman J of NOT THEM
Tomorrow's Make or Break - NOT THEM
World Inside My Head - Dirt Merchant of NOT THEM
Invincible - NOT THEM



The wordsmiths Gentleman J and The Dirt Merchant met in film school at Full Sail University. After a couple drunken freestyles at parties the dynamic duo decided to attempt writing songs, which never happened. It wasn’t until chance put them in the same house, aptly dubbed “The Stronghold”, where the Hip Hop magic began.

If every aspect of hip hop were in a digital picture, then Not Them! uses every single pixel in the frame.

They are an uber imaginative, poetically inclined, trail mix of soliloquies that are just as fun to hang out with, as they are to listen to.

After all, they are just trying to make friends…. with the world in mind.

"Bone Thugs-n-Harmony" | St. Petersburg, FL
"The Cool Kids" | Orlando, FL
"Chip Tha Ripper" | Orlando, FL
"Florida Music Festival"
"Diplo" | Close To The Edge Music Festival
"Tone Loc" | Orlando, FL
Real Radio Show | Times Square, New York City

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