Not To Reason Why

Not To Reason Why


We try and tell a story without lyrics.


Not to Reason Why is a Northern California band made up of four musicians: Ian Simpson, Paul Haile, Lauren Harkins and Navid Manoochehri. Simpson is the only member of the group not to receive a formal education in music, with the other three earning Bachelors degrees in music from Sonoma State University. Armed with this knowledge, it would seem no small irony that he carries a large part of the songwriting load for the band. The irony is lost on those who know Not to Reason Why, however, as it is a well known fact that their music comes from that most universal of human truths, emotion.

Drawing from influences as diverse as City of Caterpillars and Erik Satie, Not to Reason why unites instrumental music in a most imaginative way. Their music has been described as instrumental, progressive and as a part of that ever sticky genre of music post-rock. While their musical stylings do have elements of Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed you Black Emperor and Mogwai, Not to Reason Why really enjoys reveling in the rock genre rather than leaving it behind. Each show is a carefully constructed series of sonic nadirs and zeniths as the band lures its audience into a state of relative comfort and then jars them into full consciousness with explosive battlements of sound. Through it all the band strives to keep one foot solidly on the ground and their shows maintain a strong organic backbone through all the screaming riffs and splashy fills.

This commitment to creating melodic and digestible “post-rock” really sets the band apart as they keep even the most fickle audiences interested by steering clear of ten minute captured sound loops and extended experiments with ambient noise. The band’s piano laden melodies make for a new and fresh take in a well explored genre and a discerning listener will always find that irresistible element of freshness that artists are constantly seeking.

Further proving their value as multi-dimensional artists, Not to Reason Why has spent many an hour toiling in recording studios to make something that their fans can take away from their rambunctious live act and enjoy on their own turf. Showing tremendous growth from their solid debut effort Who Wants Flowers When they’re Dead?, the band is currently playing songs from their new release Would You Hug Fire?. This current record has been reviewed very favorably by instrumental music publication, The Silent Ballet and is a true showcase of not only the record-making chops of the band but also Paul Haile’s prowess as a recording engineer.

Even with the intense dedication to making an excellent record, the band has never wavered in their commitment to the live performance. Drawing on countless hours of live practice Not to Reason Why delivers tight performances that have room for exploration and participation. Ultimately, a Not to Reason Why show is a fun show, with the band members never getting so lost in their own music that they forget their ever-important live role as entertainers.


Who Wants Flowers When They're Dead?

Would You Hug Fire?

Set List

Zeitgeist-6 min
Aurora-4 min
Forever-4 min
Her-6 min