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“It’s always a good feeling when one of your close associates goes “major.” But it can get even better when that same associate uses their hit power to help you “get on” too. Notty Black, a member of the Tallahassee rap group, Nappy Headz, knows exactly how that feels and his new single, Freaky Song, is the evidence why. Nappy alumnus and worldwide sensation, T-Pain, returns to the Tally and has clearly saved some of his best work (both on the hook and the production) for his back home friend. If Freaky Song can use T-Pain to get spins everywhere Hip Hop slow jams are played, two Tallahassee natives might soon be living the “good life.” (By M.Burny –
Born Seldrick Johnson in Tallahassee, Florida his first foray into the music industry was a productive one. He was one-fifth of the rambunctious rap outfit Da Nappy Headz who enjoyed moderate success in the early 2000's with regional anthems "Robbery" and "F.L.A". But after the group's flame burned out each member decided to focus on solo careers. In 2005, R&B hook master T-Pain landed a deal with Jive Records and immediately returned home to sign his former group mates Da Nappy Headz to his Nappy Boy imprint. In 2006, the group disbanded again. In the winter of 2007, Notty Black decided to use one of the many hooks and beats that T-Pain produced for him which just so happened to be “Freaky Song”. Immediately after recording the song, close friend and manager Peners “P.L.” Griffin rushed the song to WANM 90.5 personality Dee –Dee Rock. Soon after, the song was added to the playlist. Within a month the song had made its way on to numerous charts, blogs, mixtapes, internet and radio stations. After hearing about the success of Freaky Song – labels immediately begin calling including longtime friend and former group member T-Pain who offered to sign Notty as a solo act to his Nappy Boy Imprint.
As an artist Notty Black has opened up for many well known artist such as (TI, T-Pain, Twista, 8Ball & MJG) and has been featured on many underground hit songs including T-Pain’s “Xpectations” which was used as a snippet on his Jive debut album “Rappa Turnt Sanga”. Notty is also featured on the remix of “Stick N Roll” by Desloc Piccalo (SRC / Universal). Notty Black also released a self made video of his single “What It Iz” which had cameo appearances by E-40, Baby Boy Da Prince (Universal), and T-Pain.


Notty Black ft T-Pain (Freaky Song)

Written By: Notty Black

Ay you know this suppose to happen right
I got my lil bra on this thing tho
This what we do
I see you lil mama
Im get back with you in a few minutes
Check this out tho

[Verse 1]
say girl, you taste like strawberry
naw you marrberry
a southern girl kickin fine, lil mama so very
hot, not liek the usual i usually snatch
take it and slap it on the back they can handle that
i need a girl like you
a real super freak
put it down like i do
on who aint scared to speak
when we do what we do
i'm tryin to catch me one
cause she done called her two
but our night just begun
this is her favorite song
she tell me put it on
dont know what it is, but it have her pullin on them thong
first let me use my tongue
and now lets syrup the hurt
i'm on the ground real hard
and i'ma put in work

oh yeah, this a freaky song, this a feaky song, this a freaky song
oh yeah, you should put this on
when she say, "play that song that i like"
Oh yeah

[Verse 2]
But can she throw it back
Can she handle that
hey, bra, what you heard
they say she hot llike candle wax
is she old enough
can i hold 'em up
straight to the sky so i can go real deep off in her gut
her mama dont like me
she say i aint no good
she say i'm just like my daddy
she's miss understood
but what she tryin to say is
she want a man like me
one that dont play no games
and gone get her right like me
baby go ahead and ignore her
because tonight might be
one of the greatest
he alright but he aint quite like me
i can make you climb te wall
bite the sheets and all
here a treat, you're so weeet taikin deep and all
my body is just for you
nobody else but you
i know your standing
you aint gone share but dont be selfish boo
baby i'm all yours we aint got notihn but time
let me play your song here we go now i'm gona blow your mind

oh yeah, this a freaky song, this a feaky song, this a freaky song
and oh yeah, you should put this on
when she say, "play that song that i like"
Oh yeah

[Verse 3]
and will she ride for bra
will i ride for her
this gone be like a car wreck when i collide with her
lil mama got some curve
my baby got some nerve
to say she freaky
but i'm a get her care what she derserve
now we ridin in a chevy
sippin on somethihn
one of my hands is free and i'm grippin on somethin
i see ya, just the type
that'll do what you like
let me pull my car to the side
let the girl play with me it'll be alright
skeet skeet matter of fact
guess what song i had playin on my cd
here it go a hint
windows tinted and the main old girl get freaky
i know what to do with her
i'm feelin to mack them all
not i aint threw with her
i tryin to make her fall
she shiver as i deliver
quiver flowin like a river
she left a little somethin on my sheets but i forgive her
she give me what i want
i give her what she need
this song, conversation, t-pain sing the chorus please

oh yeah, this a freaky song, this a feaky song, this a freaky song
oh yeah, you should put this on
when she say, "play that song that i like"
Oh yeah

now i know you moist right now
i just hooked the fronters off
easy ass man, bvra
get right mama
change your panties


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