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"Lorie Jo CD Review"

Lorie Jo grabs the listener with blazing guitar strums with interesting chordal textures, building a sonic platform for her potent vocals which are passionate fluid, and aggressive all at once...The music here imbues a can't-sit-still energy into the listener, a quality that makes Lorie Jo worth watching for what she'll do next."
-Don Thomason,
- The Amplifier, Kentucky


"When she began to sing along with the music, I felt my heart throb, my eyes water and chills crawl up my spine...She was good"
-Beth Phillips - Arkansas City Traveler

"Rock Kansas"

"Lorie Bridges is a fresh face in Topeka's music scene not only by age but by musical bent. In a town whose talent tends toward the metallic edge, Bridges can be seen in the same bars bringing instead the carefree lilt of folk."
-Phil Cauthon -


Our debut EP to be released sooner-rather-than-later in 2009.



"What kind of music does your band play?" The number one asked question people ask when they hear your have a band; followed by, "What's your band's name?". Let's start with a wailing vocalist who has a flare for writing catchy hook lines that touch pop's "ear worm" delivery while clearly staying on the side of the indie artist who does not always fit inside the "industry standard's box". In a nutshell; we are a female fronted acoustic/electric rock band with an eclecticism that dips into several genres like rock, pop, folk, blues, reggae and 70's songwriter. The songs range in tempo and dynamics with cross-genre flares while maintaining a sound familiar to a single songwriter/artist's lyrical metering and style. Our name, noTVmotel, was placed upon us from a beloved friend of LJ. The name, ever so and fitting for life on the road and for LJ's severe lack of interest in "waking up to another TV guide". Terry Holbrook jumped on the band wagon (dorky puns included for no extra charge) in 2007 lending an equally eclectic background on the bass. Terry plays in a rage of genres from indie, punk, and power pop to upright and acoustic. With dry sarcasm he's not only witty and charming, Terry's definitely lent the band a solid back bone with groovin' beats. Kenny Thomas joined the band after several incarnations and has proven to be the ultimate, talented, voice-master and juke box knowin'est son of a..... The man knows more covers than Jack FM, pretty impressive for a twenty-three year old drummer who just happens to sing in a largely beautiful range and who plays any song, any time, on any given guitar. Then there's the finger lickin' electric player, Rick Patory (Pah-Tory). Rick joined the band in early 2009, just in the nick of time, as we stepped into the studio to start recording our first EP, to be released sooner-rather-than-later this year. Rick is definitely the salt and pepper to noTVmotel and possibly the awesome garlic toast you just can't get enough of. We are now booking in Nashville and surrounding areas. LJ will be booking as noTVmotel in other areas pending tour scheduling after the first of the year (2010, I can't believe it's twenty freekin' ten!)
In all her years of playing solo and as a band, LJ has had the honor of playing several groovy venues and shared the bill with many stellar acts.
"One of my most memorable bills I shared with Emmie Jones at the Julep Room in Ocean Springs, MS. That was an awesome venue with cool cats and a stellar history. Who want's a peanut butter sandwich? Stage Two at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS has always been a really cool memory and that's not to discount stages five, six, seven (and my favorite last year, the flood stage) and who knows how many others over the years. Some of my favorite shows... opening for Big Smith at Cartoons in Springfield, MO, Jeff and Vida in Topeka, KS, sharing a bill with The Wilders in Winfield, KS. The awesome traffic, speed walking many blocks while toting heavy equipment to play down at The Kerry Irish Pub in the French Quarter in New Orleans with banjo whiz Mike West and Kansas City darlin' Kasey Rausch really can't be beat as far as "the gig" goes. I've had the opportunity to play for a lot of really cool festivals and venues and play with a lot of really amazing artists over the years like Kelley Hunt, Brody Buster, Carey Hudson, Mark Bilyeu, Kirk Rundstrom (Split Lip Rayfield), Jeff Gilkinson (The Dillards), The Shiners, The Ginn Sisters, Cozy Sheridan and Kathleen Lague. I can't wait to see more!" Heart- LJ