Nous Non Plus

Nous Non Plus


We are a faux French band from New York City. Our sound was crafted off the drunken vapors of French pop, as heard through the ears of (mostly) Americans. The ne plus ultra of faux French rock and roll. Our debut CD was on the CMJ top 10 for 4 weeks, peaking at #6 for 2 of them.


"Surrender, Surrender, but don't give yourself away..."
--M. Robespierre

Formed amidst mutiny, Nous Non Plus are a superb splinter group of the faux French band Les Sans Culottes. Whereas Les Sans Culottes means "Those without underpants," by way of retort Nous Non Plus means "Neither do we" as well as, literally, "Us No More."

Thus the spirit of the Culottes lives on, and as describes, Nous Non Plus display "musical depth and variety, ranging from breathy, Francoise Hardy-esque ballads to nervy '77-style punk, jittery technobleepery ala StereoTotal, steamy Roxy Music-ish synthpop and New Wave, dreamy modern indie stuff..."


Allo Allo (Hello I Love You)

Written By: Dan Crane, Verena Wiesendanger


allo allo
je t'aime je t'aime
allo allo
je t'aime je t'aime
allo allo

comment tu t'appelles
je m'appelle celine
comment tu t'appelles
je m'appelle jean-luc
et tu est tres belle
toi, tu est tres beau
allez let's go

How do you say, euh,
You have "je ne sais quoi"
J'ai quelque chose, mais
Surement pas pour toi!

Allo allo
Je t'aime je t'aime
Allo allo
Je t'aime je t'aime
Allo allo

La souris noire mange le fromage blanc
Le gros chat mange la petite souris
Le mechant garcon chasse le vilain chat
La belle maman fesse le garcon stupide!


Hello, I love you

hello hello
I love you I love you
hello hello
I love you I love you
hello helo

What is your name
I am called Celine
What is your name
I am called Jean Luc
and you are very beautiful
you are quite handsome
c'mon let's go

How is it you say
you have that certain something
I have something
but certainly not for you

The black mouse eats the white cheese
the fat cat eat the little mouse
the mean boy chases the bad cat
the good mama spank the stupid boy

I want to tell you
that I'm crazy about you
You are so crazy
yes my little cabbage


Ménagerie (2009, Aeronaut Records)

Nous Non Plus (self-titled), Released Nov 29, 2005 - Aeronaut Records
CMJ Radio 200 Chart: in Top 10 for 4 weeks, peaked at 6 (2 weeks). CMJ AAA debuted at #27.

Set List

We have a fairly extensive list of songs from which to draw. From the current album:

01. L'Amant
02. Lawnmower Boy
03. Fille Atomique
04. One Night in Paris
05. Tant Pis Pour Toi
06. Le Ch�teau
07. Monokini
08. Premier Basier

allo allo
tout va bien
sa sabine
les sauvages
2 boules de glace

We frequently close with a cover or two:
les cactus (Dutronc)
�a plane pour moi (Plastic Bertrand)
ces bottes (these boots were made for walking)
99 Luftballoons