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Nous Rapport

Band Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Many Moods Of Nous Rapport"

Podcast interview live at the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Listen at our website: - Sarasota Herald Tribune


Nous Rapport - 5 Songs (produced by Tom Klimchuck of Pro-Pain)

Atlantis Live 2006 (produced by Mark Kach and Dave Byrd)

Live at the New World Brewery 2006 DVD (produced by Mark Kach)



In 1995, Allen Pryor (Delivery Boys, Blanket, Homeland, No Comply, Voice of 1,000, Worlds Apart, Struggle, and Strength thru Discipline) was tuning his snare drum on a bare mattress in the middle of a horribly decorated and much adored living room on Orange Ave.

Skateboarders and young musicians, one of whom was Katherine Kelly (The Doses, Bet the Rent, The Billy Club, and Sparrow and the Jade), sat close and listened to someone’s latest demo tape. Most everyone had a show in Tampa or St. Petersburg that night and was thus gathered in preparatory meditations.

At exactly the same moment, somewhere across US 41, Mark Kach (Requiem) had bolted the door shut to his beloved recording studio. His walls would become the only witness to his existence well into the 21st century. He accumulated half a dozen left-handed guitars (basses, synthesizers, and electric drums too) and more experience than most who listen to and play music in the outside world.

And in that hot Sarasota sky, the few clouds drifted and met in what seemed like the shape of a treble clef -- upon which Dan Flath (Colostomy, Homeland, Worlds Apart, and Strength thru Discipline) cast a curious gaze out the window of a ’75 Mustang...

...We all woke up sometime in the middle of April 2006 looking to regain the nostalgic feelings of long ago. Though time may have given and taken the places, people, friendships and loves of our lives to and from us, we have readily remained unchanged and were compelled to form this musical happening to represent a time period that got skipped somewhere in our pasts.

Nous Rapport’s sound is comprised of mood driven, harmonic, inter-woven vocal patterns that complement the music itself. The sound is not genre based, but undeniably plays the music forwardly with every intention to combine sounds of pop, jazz, blues, rock, psychedelic, and melancholia. The musical possibilities at this point are only limited by the outstretches of our own imaginations, our Nous Rapport.