San Francisco, California, USA

Nouveau-Expo plays an energetic, crossover blend of southern rock and indie-pop, creating a sound that is instantly recognizable; their shared vocal harmonies are sweet and heartfelt. Creating an atmosphere that is fun to dance to, fans have often commented on the dynamic nature of their live shows.


Nouveau-Expo is an indie-rock band from San Francisco, CA. Consisting of frontman Alexander Fostar, keyboardist Kayleigh Mack, and drummer Andrew Antos, the trio creates indie rock-pop distinctly different from the rest. With dance-happy guitar riffs, intricate bass lines, steady beats, their sound is solidified with passionate, sweet vocal harmonies. Drawing upon numerous influences such as Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst, Jack White, and Amy Milan of Stars, the group produces music that is fun and innovative, ultimately culminating in spectacular live performances that keep audiences on their toes.

At the CCSF 75th Annual Battle of the Bands, GRAMMY-nominated producer Rebeca Mauleon recently compared frontman Alexander Fostar's on-stage energy to Joe Cocker. She also stated that Andrew Antos' stage pressence is one of the best she has ever seen in a drummer.

Andrew Antos has studied under Dawn Richardson who is widely know for playing with 4 Non-Blondes. Additionally, Alex Fostar has studied under Christopher Hoyer, lead guitarist/singer of the band Envelope in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Quiet Space

Written By: Alexander Evan Fostar

"Will I ever win"
Endlessly she says
In a broken home
That nobody owns
Been asleep for days
Entering a phase
Somewhat still unknown
Seemingly alone

Is silence in your head?
Is it over yet?

Detatched to the core
Always wanting more
Spread across the floor
Midafternoon Sore
Wanting to go away
Without penance
"Pay for what you did"
So she scribbled then

Is silence in your head?
Is it over yet?

Quiet space...


Quiet Space EP (released via iTunes + amazon)

Recorded by Frank Imbesi at Sound Chamber Studios in Modesto, CA. Frank has worked with other prominent artists in the Bay Area such as Chris Clouse and Megan Slankard.

Set List

Nouveau-Expo can play a 1-hour set of original material. A sample setlist from one of our previous shows is listed below:

Quarter 'Till
Upturn In Texas
In My Head
Classic Cut
Wander To Wonder
The Ship
These Woods
Quiet Space