"...electronic duo Nouveaunoise, who are producing some of the most intricate, organic electronica coming out of Ireland at the moment." - State Magazine


Nouveaunoise are a Dublin based alternative electronica group. They are currently in the process of finalising their debut album Paraphrase Accolade which is to be released in June 2010, followed by a tour of the UK & Ireland.

"The duo know how to produce deeply-arranged electronica with an emotional heart using crackled samples that eschews the cut and paste formula that comes with modern software moethods. Rather like Four Tet, their songs feel like spliced moments of melodies intertwining around each other matched with nuanced beats and percussion. Very live-sounding". - Nialler 9.

Over the last 4 years the group have developed a strong fanbase within Ireland and the rest of Europe through tourng with the likes of Messiah J. and the Expert & super extra bonus party. They have also been featured on exclusive releases through Analog and State magazine.

The duo boast an ever evolving estatic live show consisting of a live drummer / samba band, half a dozen old samplers, warbly old reel to reels, synths, borken toy keyboards, hoemade effect boxes and anything else they feel like bringing on the night... but they always leave their laptops at home.


2-Track preview of new album available on

Debut album to be released June 2010.

Set List

Nouveaunoise's live proformance can range from underground club heavy electronica music to softer indie music venues. Always danceable, energetic and visually interesting.