Houston, Texas, USA
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Deonte “Novacaine” Carter is an 21 year old artist, showing up mainstream artist, with clever lyrics and high energy brought to every track. He has the stage presence and hit making ability of a veteran artist, this young man is someone to deal with and definitely watch out for. Listen for yourself.


Deonte Novacaine Carter is an 21 year old American born artist who grew up in San Diego, CA and Houston, TX. He first made a name for himself collaborating with local upcoming Houston artist at the age of 16. Novacaine dropped two collaborations mix-tapes with fellow artists titled "Rampage" and "Rampage 2" in the summer of 2011. But it was his follow-up mix-tape effort; in the fall of 2011, "For The Fuck Of It", that truly put him on the map and radars of industry professionals, with standout tracks like Tasteless, Cell Phone, and Do It B.I.G. After opening up for artist such as Snoop Dogg and Yelawolf Novacaine has honed his skills and took it to a different level with the making of Tang II, the sequel of his TANG LIFE mix-tape. Novacaine is poised to reach greater heights as he develops and grows as a hip-hop/rap artist pursuing his dream to Doing It B.I.G and delivering an electrifying sound as the self proclaimed "Third Carter".


Rampage (EP) 2011
Rampage 2 (EP) 2011
For The Fuck Of It (EP) 2011
T.A.N.G. LIFE (EP) 2012
TANG II (EP) 2013
Drop It (Single with Radio Airplay Online) 2013

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