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Hello and Welcome to Nova-C Productions Media Page. If you don't already know, Nova-C Productions is an Urban Music Production Company that specializes in Hip Hop,R&B,and other Genres that include Pop,Electronic/Techno and TV/Film.
The Producer,Songwriter,Composer for NCP is Cory Stallworth, who has years of experience as a musician to bring forth a unique sound in this ever changing industry.

I guess this the part were I tell you why NCP is different that most Music Production Companies. The passion for different sounding music is what drives NCP. When it comes to a specific Track in mind, I go through great lengths to come up with
the most effective sounding tone,rhythm, tempo and emotion to capture the emotion and set the atmosphere for whats in mind.
At that point it's only half the battle when it comes to full a production.Lyric and Vocal Productions is also an area that I take seriously. I have the ear to know when I can get more from the artist rather than a mediocre performance.

My goal should be obvious, music is my life, i hope you will be able to join me in my journey to the top.