"...U2, The Cars, and Depeche Mode burn down the disco."--Melding the influences of Brit-pop with Detroit-rock & aesthetic, Novada is making believers out of listeners one show at a time. The band is blazing its own velvet path through the dirty streets of a city steeped in rock 'n' roll history.


Novada was established in January of 2004 in the outskirts of Detroit. Comprised of four musicians with four very different backgrounds and one distinct musical vision, the band is making a name for themselves based upon an emphasis on songwriting and their electric live show.

The band has spent the last two years recording their full-length debut "These White Lies Die With Us..." (rel. October 31, 2006) and building a reputation from the ground-up with performances opening for such bands as Lovedrug, The Stills, Sponge, Vast, and Silverchair, to name a few; as well as being selected from hundreds of bands to play a SPIN Magazine-sponsored show at Ford Field in Detroit as a part of the first-ever Motor City Music Conference.

Novada has broken onto every major modern-rock radio station in it's region with airplay and features on 88.7 CIMX, 101.1 WRIF and 104.7 WIOT (see press).

The band has also played to full or near-capacity crowds at major venues, such as:

-St. Andrew's Hall (Detroit, MI)
-The Magic Bag (Ferndale, MI)
-The Magic Stick (Detroit, MI)
-The Whitney Hotel (Detroit, MI)
-Smalls (Hamtramck, MI)
-The Blind Pig (Ann Arbor, MI)
-The Machine Shop (Flint, MI)
-Club Bijou (Toledo, OH)
-Double Door (Chicago, IL)
-Skully's (Columbus, OH) well as many others.

With the recent availability of their debut CD on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Sony CONNECT, Novada stands poised to make their mark on mainstream music today.


1. Self-titled 3-Song Promo (r.2004)
2. "The Detroit Demo E.P" (r.2005)
3.."These White Lies Die With Us"
full-length CD (r.2006)

*Airplay on the track "London Smiles"
--88.7 CIMX (89X Detroit, MI)

*Airplay on the track "These White Lies..."
--104.7 WIOT (WIOT Toledo, OH)

*Airplay on the track "Escape"
--101.1 WRIF (The WRIF Detroit, MI)

*Airplay on the track "These White Lies"
--106.7 The Zone (Toledo, OH.)

Set List

1. Madagascar
2. Escape
3. Alanna Jean
4. Butterfly
5. These White Lies...
6. Found You Out
7. Stagnating
8. Dont Stand So Close To Me*
9. Fire
10. One-Eleven
11. London Smiles
12. You're All I've Got Tonight**
13. Inside The Circle
14. Farewell

-Interchangeable covers-
*The Police
**The Cars

Run-time: 30-45 minutes depending on the amount of time alotted.