Intelligent pop-rock. Is it possibile? Maybe it is. Novadeaf is an alternative band from Pisa, Italy. Trying their best to move you and feed you great choruses.


As music is a language, and art is communication, universality has always been the goal of project Novadeaf.
Everything began back in July 2004, when Federico Russo, a singer and songwriter, started his search for musicians who were fit for his musical ideas. This is how he came across guitarists Luca Guidi and Lorenzo Marianelli. When bassist Fabrizio Balest and drummer Ernesto Fontanella were added, the picture was complete.
Pretty soon, what stood to reason was that the band’s vitality and real value, not to mention the songs themselves, lied in the incredible connection among the musicians. They all came from different musical worlds; jazz, pop, blues and progressive rock. Thanks to this precious harmony between close but clean cut musical souls, the band members found they had the ability to touch and move a wide range of listeners.
Novadeaf’s music is clear and sharp. Their lyrics are so intimate, it's as if they were pages ripped off of a diary.


"The youth album" (2008)

Set List

1) spoiled *
2) fall from grace together *
3) pass me by
4) man on fire *
5) the cold room
6) just **
7) wiser
8) morning lights *
9) an intruder *
10) volcano ***
11) beautiful things
12) the uncool
13) wintertown *
14) october sun
15) moonsong
16) popsong from pluto
17) reconstruction of the body *
18) comewhatmay *

* new song, no recording yet
** radiohead cover
*** damien rice cover