NovaHead vs ChickenTron

NovaHead vs ChickenTron


Noise - Better described as free form Jazz performed with broken electronics


A group of antisocial small town guys from the woods outside of Seattle come together to challenge the limits of their own minds, and albums ensue.


Source - 2006 - Sleep Dep
A 16 disc box set including the albums Latent, The Great Disappointment, Toothbrush the Album, Hold Me I'm Dying, Silence, Dr Fuck Your Sister, I Hate Me Too, Fleabag I Am, My Face Is Crumbling, Why I Try So Hard, Torn Down Self, OK You're Right But Fuck You Anyway, Splif My Lif, Shit I Went Poo, and the double disc Overwhelming Sense of the World Vol. 1 & 2.

NvC Live at the Green Room - 2006 - Sleep Dep

Set List

45 minute - 3 hour sets that include noise texturing, childrens records, stand up bass and a theremin constructed out of plasma balls.