Nova Roma

Nova Roma


The opposite of horrible rock radio


After leaving the nuclear power world of the United States Navy, Bob headed back to the birthplace of rock 'n' roll to reunite with family. While working at his family's retail store his path crossed with Tyler. Tyler was a lost musician needing another place to hone his skills after an opening performance for 3 Doors Down was canceled due to a breakup. They came together over an acoustic performance of STP's Plush and then the floodgates of inspiration and drive were fully open. They decided right there that the acoustic duo Don't Forget Linda should be formed.

Playing shows as an acoustic duo in Tupelo however left them out in the cold as scream metal bands started to take over the local music scene. Bob and Tyler were fine standing alone, but soon the desire to take another step toward the band's progression kicked in and they decided it was time to go full out. The search began.

Jessie and Tyler go back to Tyler's teeny tiny days as Jessie was friends with Tyler's older brother. Tyler annoyed them for as long as he was allowed and looked up to Jessie's Guitar playing skills. As the years went on Tyler pursued his rock star dreams as Jessie's fell a little by the wayside while pursuing a degree and getting married. When Bob and Tyler came calling Jessie's desire to rock kicked back in, said yes and 3/5 of Nova Roma had been formed.

Derrick, in the meantime, was playing drums for his brother-in-laws praise and worship band. Derrick has a demanding schedule of church, giving lessons, working, and being married, but when he heard the material we had Derrick jumped on board full throttle.

Cole was part of a successful Tupelo area cover band that was moving on to different things. Bob, Tyler, Jessie, and Derek were in need of a bass player and he was in need of playing some origional tunes. They got together for a jam session and Cole meshed perfectly with the sound they wanted to accomplish. The band was then complete.

Nova Roma is the declaration of inspired music with the purpose of revitalizing the alternative music scene. With many influences from great 80's and 90's rock bands, Nova Roma looks to take the next step into immortality by redefining those influences into their own brand of alternative rock. So it begins....



Written By: Bob Barnes

Verse 1:
How many times must the wind blow by my side before I know the exploration of truth that sets me free within my beliefs?
The conversation of retraction led me down the road to make belief.
Far too many times I've had enough to reconcile all the differences between.

You turn your back to me and say 'If you love me it's better that it turns out this way.'
There's no way I could have foreseen this incubating anomaly.
It's my fault, even though i wasn't expected to know this loss could eventually reset the truth.
I'm relinquishing my all for the sake of you never coming back to me.

Verse 2:
My mind's eye watches the days slide side by side til I realize I somehow fashioned my life around my disbelief to a slight degree.
I blame you for the indecision envisioned religiously met by self defeat.
I'm tired of lying in the depths of desire unrecognized by the empress of tainted deeds.



Written By: Tyler Holt, Bob Barnes

Verse 1:
No complaints from a troubled soul just a story to be told.
Shades of blue, beauty surrounding;
Another love keeps me from drowning.

Chorus 1:
I can say that I'm happy now, that I know.
This is just the prologue, I think i'll stay and wait for the show.
I've still got your house to send.
And I will be with you, til the end

Verse 2:
Rain falls down without a single kiss.
Cloud covered sky, the moon you will miss.
An empty seat stands the test of time.
Until two others come a missed chance now resides.

Chorus 2:
I can say that I'm happy now, that I know.
So much for the prologue, there wasn't much left of the show.
And I've still got your house to send.
So I hold a memory of you, til the end.

Chorus 3:
And I can say that I'm happy now, that I know.
I think I recall the prologue, too bad that we both missed the show.
And I've still got your house to send,
So i hold a memory of you, til the end.

Shade of Existence

Written By: Bob Barnes

Verse 1:
I'm 12ft. off the ground and I am basking in this silence.
Complacency overwhelms my mind as I'm searching for my purpose.
I cannot believe all the things I didn't see
And then your memory suffocates my silence and bleeds my serenity.

'Cause I'm blind now to the fact your gone and i cannot face reality.
Since I've sacrificed my paradigm I feel I've lost it all this time and all the words that we withhold eat at my sanity
As I crawl into the shade of existence.

Verse 2:
Well you left me here and now I pray for the hope of a new tomorrow and I've got half a mind to call you, but the pain's too hard to swallow
And I know if i continue on I'll blaze this path that I'm now on and I'll turn around and see you but just a figment of memory.


Mindless Meanderings

Written By: Bob Barnes

Verse 1:
Just an occasional possibility that i can make it right this buzz of chemical dependency locked in tight to my cavernous hole dug to disguise my jaded right to ungraciously destroy this life I've been sent to fill.
Take this to mean all I have given and wasted is not to be mistaken.

Never in my life have i been able to escape this ghost in my shell of a man i am desperate to find.
Let's not belittle my weakness as weakness just the means to an end i can't control

Verse 2:
Is anyone there I'm starting to lose my grip I cannot seem to break away from emanations of a wall bound temple of guilt that binds the mind in a swarm of materialsm that empties the soul and leaves your self fulfillment standing unfulfilled?
Can you deem another way that's bigger than me, bigger than you to break the tie that binds?



Written By: Bob Barnes

Verse 1:
Sometimes at night I'm lost but then I find a temporary solace for the pain that I've been given.
But discourses of my mind equate to a lifetime of ignorance and happenstance without the chance of circumstance.
I try but I can't find the words to speak outright to make it clear I'm also here.

You may not see the signs, but I'm not so blind behind my eyes.

Verse 2:
Impulses I can't fight they happen to be my only way of showing my emotional responses to the glories of my life.
For you they may be trite, but skies are not my boundaries for when the skies I cannot see.
I try but I can't find the words to speak outright to make it clear I'm also here





Nova Roma - The Demo

Set List

Our set can last between 30 minutes and 3 hours. Our set list combines covers and originals:

Nova Roma
-Mindless Meanderings
-Shade of Existance
-Let's Go Politic'n
-Long Time Coming
-Five more origionals in the works....

-Zephyr Song (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
-The Middle (Jimmy Eats World)
-Inside Out (Eve 6)
-Alive (Pearl Jam)
-Better Man (Pearl Jam)
-Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots)
-Say It Ain't So (Weezer)
-Santeria (Sublime)
-Same In the End (Sublime)
-Have a Cigar (Pink Floyd)
-Summer Romance (Incubus)
-The Warmth (Incubus)
-Don't Forget About Me (Simple Minds)
-Beautiful Disaster (311)
-Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
-Friday, I'm in love (The Cure)
-Shimmer (Fuel)
-Mr. Brightside (The Killers)