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"Review of the EP"

Nova Roma is a band that was almost born too late.

Taking cues from the likes of Incubus, Seven Mary Three and Live, the Tupelo-based rock band Nova Roma showcases its brand of rock on its new EP.

Nova Roma would have fit in absolutely perfectly in the 90s alternative and grunge scenes. That’s not to say that the band sounds outdated in the 2000s, but it is easy to tell the band’s biggest influences are from that era.

Still, Nova Roma holds its own on the five-song EP.

“Mindless Meanderings” is a hit waiting to happen. The catchy chorus plays well with the more introspective verses for an interesting song that’s at times mellow and at times dance floor-ready. “Esther” is just as steady and it showcases Nova Roma’s harder rock sound.

Nova Roma borrows heavily from Incubus for “Relativity,” but the band actually pulls off the sound. The song isn’t perfect, but it is a perfect example of the band’s potential.

Perhaps the best song is the beautiful “Prologue.” The music is gorgeous, and lead singer Bob Barnes tames his growl for a nice vocal performance.

Nova Roma’s EP is worth picking up if you’re a rock fan. Give it a try, and check out the band’s upcoming live shows at the Nova Roma MySpace page.

- Northeast MS Daily Journal


Nova Roma - The Demo



After leaving the nuclear power world of the United States Navy, Bob headed back to the birthplace of rock 'n' roll to reunite with family. While working at his family's retail store his path crossed with Tyler. Tyler was a lost musician needing another place to hone his skills after an opening performance for 3 Doors Down was canceled due to a breakup. They came together over an acoustic performance of STP's Plush and then the floodgates of inspiration and drive were fully open. They decided right there that the acoustic duo Don't Forget Linda should be formed.

Playing shows as an acoustic duo in Tupelo however left them out in the cold as scream metal bands started to take over the local music scene. Bob and Tyler were fine standing alone, but soon the desire to take another step toward the band's progression kicked in and they decided it was time to go full out. The search began.

Jessie and Tyler go back to Tyler's teeny tiny days as Jessie was friends with Tyler's older brother. Tyler annoyed them for as long as he was allowed and looked up to Jessie's Guitar playing skills. As the years went on Tyler pursued his rock star dreams as Jessie's fell a little by the wayside while pursuing a degree and getting married. When Bob and Tyler came calling Jessie's desire to rock kicked back in, said yes and 3/5 of Nova Roma had been formed.

Derrick, in the meantime, was playing drums for his brother-in-laws praise and worship band. Derrick has a demanding schedule of church, giving lessons, working, and being married, but when he heard the material we had Derrick jumped on board full throttle.

Cole was part of a successful Tupelo area cover band that was moving on to different things. Bob, Tyler, Jessie, and Derek were in need of a bass player and he was in need of playing some origional tunes. They got together for a jam session and Cole meshed perfectly with the sound they wanted to accomplish. The band was then complete.

Nova Roma is the declaration of inspired music with the purpose of revitalizing the alternative music scene. With many influences from great 80's and 90's rock bands, Nova Roma looks to take the next step into immortality by redefining those influences into their own brand of alternative rock. So it begins....