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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Great shows.

The V Shape Mind “farewell” show on Thursday was a lot better than I expected. Having 3 local bands on the bill could have meant 3 hours of wading through bad music , waiting on the headliners.

The opening act was a group of high school aged kids, trying to be Linkin Park. Not doing a very good job of it, too.

But after that, the remaining bands all put on tight, enjoyable, and LOUD shows. The middle acts both have recorded albums, so we are not talking “Bob and His Garage” bands.

The band Novaseason was the one that impressed me the most. They are all graduates of the local musical university (yes, that’s what it is known for), and play a style of hard rock I can get into. They were selling pre-release copies of their cd for $1 (yeah, a buck!). If you go to their website, you can listen to a few of their songs.

V-Shape mind played their hearts out, knowing that this would be the last show they played before breaking up. All of the members are from this area, so it was also sort of a homecoming. - http:\\


The Best Thing (EP) - 2004
A Candle (EP) - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


NOVASEASON, a four piece modern rock band, has a unique story that would better told through a reality based television series. Four guys moved into a farmhouse, miles away from any big city in an effort to rehearse, record, and basically do or destroy whatever they want whenever they want. With the internet bringing the universe closer together by the day, NOVASEASON knew that moving to LA or New York was no longer a necessary
part of getting their music heard. So the option of moving to a remote location to complete a self-sustaining musical entity seemed all the better.
The philosophy behind the music of NOVASEASON is that we are all living through the end times and that, in fact is what the name NOVASEASON means to it's members: John Dodds, vocals, guitars; Ron Miller- guitars; Mike Klug- bass, backing vocals; and Pete Lamb- Drums. From these four musicians comes a special blend of heavy layered guitars, a furious and intense rhythm section fused with heartfelt lyrics and thought provoking lyrics about the way we live our lives, all the while never seeming preachy.
NOVASEASON is currently working on a new webpage and a recording project that is rumored to be darker and more rhythmic in nature and should be available by Summer 2006.