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Nova Stella


Nova Stella Describes their sound as "A funk band that ate a folk singer". They have been strongly influenced by many funk and folk artists over the years and you can hear those influences in their music.


Nova Stella is a “Funk band that ate a folk singer” which emerged in early 2008 from the remnants of several popular regional North Carolina acts. With influences such as Galactic, Ben Harper, Colin Hay, 311, Bela Fleck and the FLecktones, Dave Matthews, Miles Davis, John Mayer, John Coltrane and pretty much what ever else they can find, Nova Stella strives to build a high energy live show consisting of original material and their versions of tunes by their favorite artists.

The five members of Nova Stella create thick sounds with tons of melody, texture, and powerful grooves. They are a laid back group of guys who can usually be found cutting up and joking around, usually at each others expense, which often times will trickle into their live show.


Falling Down

Written By: Nova Stella

It's the worst mistake,
the worst mistake you've made.
It'll put an end,
to everything you've been.
And up til now,
We've been getting by alright.
I think it's time,
to step back and unwind.

I keep falling down again and again
and I can't understand why I
keep stumbling over my head
cause my love won't go away

I heard your voice,
heard your voice through the crowd.
I spun my head,
to see the source of the sound
And I screamed your name
I screamed your name out loud
And I'm left ashamed
left empty and insane

This Place We Call Home

Written By: Nova Stella

This morning
I was faced with a truth
that this place we call home
could die.
I know that I won't live
to see it through,
but our children will pay our price.
As we sit here
and ignore our mothers call,
like a child
to persistent to come home.
And she knows
that we've grown wise
to what we've done
and we can't
claim our innocence anymore.

And erase...
the bad things that we've done
And erase...
the bad things that we've done

This winter has leaked into spring
but soon the heat will come.
Like a fire that will burn through
and living green
is our water to throw on.

and erase...
the bad things that we've done
and erase...
the bad things that we've done

As I lay here
with the sunshine on my face
and I think
of places that I'd go.
I dream of elegance
contained in this place,
like the mountains
west in Colorado.
I dream of ocean waves
that roll across my feet
while my toes
tingle through the foam.
Living life on this earth is so sweet
and I love
this place that we call home

J. R. and the Quarter

Written By: Nova Stella

I just go spinning round and round,
ever since i left your hand.
I'm falling down this endless hole,
hit the water,
splash I go.
Your hope is all in me.

Tell me what you wish for,
is it written in a nursery rhyme?
I'm not a prince
I'm not a King
Im just some silver you through me in
Don't make me anymore

It's a long way over (long way over)
It's a long way over
till I stop coming down.

You think there is magic in this well
you think I'm coming back to tell.
A place you dream of in the night
an ocean crashing in our site
only time is going to get us there.

I know you think I'm worthless
a cup of coffee or a game of chance
just flip me torwards
that wishing well
make me useful or give me hell
it's all i can do.

It's a long way over (long way over)
It's a long way over
till I stop coming down.

I just go spinning round and round
ever since I left your hand
I don't know where I'm gonna land
but your every wish is my command
just have a little faith

It's a long way over (long way over)
It's a long way over
till I stop coming down.


Nova Stella's debut album "Rocket Science" was released in January of 2009. Featuring songs, "Open Air" and "Falling Down".

Set List

Nova Stella can play up to 3 sets of music consisting of 50% original music and 50% covers, depending on the venues needs.

Current list of Nova Stella Originals (always adding)
Open Air
El Zilcho
J.R. and the Quarter
Falling Down
This Place We Call Home
This Year
Always the Student
Same Trouble, Different Girl
Trophy Wife

Current Cover list (always changing)
Crazy Horse Mongoose - Galactic
Baker's Dozen - Galactic
El Ron - Soulive
#41 - Dave Matthews Band
Lie in our Graves - Dave Matthews Band
Too Much - Dave Matthews Band
Who Did You Think I Was? - John Mayer
Gravity - John Mayer
Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
Jump in the Line - Harry Belefonte
Yellow Moon - The Neville Brothers
One and the Same - Audioslave
Hump De Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Two Sisters - Fiction Plain
When You Where Young - The Killers
Cross Town Traffic - Jimi Hendrix
Wait until tomorrow - Jimi Hendrix
Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root