Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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The guy is a 6 foot 4, 145 pound soaking wet, rail-thin rapper from Western
Pennsylvania. That doesnt sound like much, that is, until you hear it.

Band Press

XXL Magazine and Corona Extra 'Ready Or Not' Rap Battle Finalist – XXL Magazine and Corona Extra

1 of 16 finalist in nationwide battle competition (2012).

"Crashing Away" Song Feature –

"One of my favorite tracks off the album. If you ain’t hip to Nova yet, this is one sonic rocket you don’t want to miss!"

Essential Pop Magazine Feature – Essential Pop

NOVA moulds catchy, commercial hip-hop with intricate lyrics to produce an appealing sound. If you’re around the vicinity of GA make sure you check out NOVA perform live!

"SUPERNOVA" album review ( –

Where can I start with this Album. I must admit, I am a fan of this artist, but anytime an ARTist that I am a fan of drops a CD my critiques on that ARTist become harder. I must say, Nova is one ARTist who has not let me down yet. Any work that he has put out, you can tell he took his time, critic himself and makes sure to never let his fans and supporters down. His newly released album, “Supernova”, is definitely a CD I would recommend to anyone to add to their music playlist. With 10 songs that are filled with lyrics and a rhyme pattern that I’m pretty sure would even leave some of the best rappers puzzled. But one of the main reason why I mess with Nova and Novatribe gang is because of his creativity. Nova is one ARTist that always thinks outside the box.

With the album, it starts off with his hit single, “Bang Wit It”, that is a fast paced song that is sure to get you hype, also this song is great to workout to lol. Next comes his song, “Say What You Gon Say”, which is more of a mello song that filled with his quick lyrics. Track 3 is a song titled, “Another Robot”, and first and foremost shoutout to the producer for this track, because who would have ever thought you would get a beat that samples, SWV and mixes dub step/electronica with it? SICK!!! To get on this track you have to have skills and Nova is definitely the ARTist that is able to KILL THIS BEAT! In all, this CD definitely held it’s weight, especially with it coming after his previous CD, “No Map To Kansas“, which already set a high standard for him.

But last but not least, R.I.P. to Lisa “Lefteye” Lopez. Supernova was going to be the name of her last CD before her fatal incident.

Top 5 Songs On Nova’s (@iAmNovaTribe) Album – Supernova:

1. Big Wit It
2. Another Robot
3. What Love Is All About
4. Conquer The Devil
5. Crashing Away

Make sure to follow Nova on twitter at: @iAmNovaTribe and download, “Supernova” at

"SUPERNOVA" album review –

I.T. Rating = 4.3/5

Wikipedia defines a Supernova as:
“A supernova (abbreviated SN, plural SNe after supernovae) is a stellar explosion that is more energetic than a nova. It is pronounced /?su?p?r'no?v?/ with the plural supernovae /?su?p?r'no?vi?/ or supernovas. Supernovae are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from view over several weeks or months”

Supernova will last longer than just several weeks or months.

This album is solid. Concrete Sonics all up in yo’ ear drums! I have listened to Nova’s songs before, but this album FAR surpasses that. Like it’s definition above, this album is an explosion of emotionally charged lyrics colored with character over heart shaking production. From the beginning to end, you will NOT skip a track and if you do, shame on you. Reading the back story on the album gives me more of an appreciation and an understanding of where Nova is coming from when he talks about making his music and his daughter in particular (can def relate).

The ONLY thing I didn’t really like (and it’s not really a dislike of the overall song), but I thought the production for “All My Neighbors” was slightly too simple. Other than that, my favorite tracks off of this are “Say What You Gon Say”, “Conquer The Devil”, “City Lights” & “Crashing Away”.

Looking forward to the next supernova in our sonic galaxy, because this was a star studded event minus the fake twinkling celebrity music stars we get plagued with. Props to the brother "Artist 2 Watch" 2012 – Skope Magazine

Featured as 2012 Artist to Watch by Skope Magazine.

2008 MySpace Artist of the Year – 2008 PHHA (Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards)

Award Winner of 2008 Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards Myspace Artist of the Year

NOVA: SUPER – Go Magazine of Pittsburgh, PA

Jaws drop as the rail-thin 6-foot-4 rapper with the wild, floppy hair, untucked white shirt and skinny tie, struts onto the stage and starts running his mouth like some delusional, old-school wannabe.

Spectators start hating on him, wondering, "Who is this goofy guy?"

But the beats keep thumping and the crowd's unease grows, until the rapper--named NOVA--demands that the music stop. He thne yanks off his wig and as the theme from "Superman" plays, he rips off his buttoned shirt to reveal a Superman T-shirt.

"Super" NOVA then launches into his real routine, rife with a smooth delivery, sharp wordplay and an amiable stage presence.

The wig and Superman shirt are just a stund--one of many stage tricks--employed by NOVA, one of those all-too-rare-local musicians who understands the difference between playing a gig and delivering a show.