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"Q&A with Nov 27"

HS: Aight man, first things first, eveyone wants to know how you came up with the name Nov. 27th.

N27: I was sitting on the steps of my home in Little Rock 2002 one evening and my birthday poped up in my head like "Nov 27"! I was like that's catchy and original. It stuck with me. When Interviewed by Jeff Chang in Las Vegas Aug 2008 and he told me that I share the same birthday as Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Twista, Jaleel White (urkel), Raz-B (B2k). From that point I knew that Nov 27 was not just my name but my repitoir on life.

HS: Okay cool, now describe your music to us in three words.

N27:Elevative, Amplifying, informative

HS: Why those three?

N27: Elevative because I aim to open the mind frame of listeners to a higher state of thinking with lyrical connotations on life. Amplifying because when the listerners hear the hooks, it sends a rush of euphoria through the soul. Informative because I want the music I put to be played decades from the time released. With that in key I strive to make music that informs the people of the struggles and the solutions.

HS: How would you describe the music scene, in general, in Austin,TX?

N27: The music scene is becoming scrambled with music of all types. To decipher the message you want to hear is the real challenge. For every ear, there is a variety. The Music scene in Austin is wide open and can only be recognized if artists, fans, sponsors, all aim for sucess for all genres of music in the ATX. Music should start from the soul, filtered by the heart, and edited by the brain.

HS: Do you think Hip Hop artists in Texas almost have a weight on their shoulders, like we have to prove ourselves everytime?

N27:No, Originiality is self proven. Walking into the industry with a chip on your shoulders does not get you far. Remaining humble and making good music will gain you mass respect throughout the industry.

HS: Alright, last question. Where do you see yourself in ten years, and why should we pay attention?

N27: I see my self CEO of my own Dist. Comp, On a Boards & Commission Panel for music. On Tour, In the Hip-Hop international Hall of Rhyme.

That's whats up. Aight Ha-Styliens amke sure to check out my man's myspace at - Ha-Style

"City To Adress 2010 Texas Relays" - KXAN News

"Expo offers career information,contacts,advice"

Expo offers career information, contacts, advice
By Katrina Munez

The Daily Texan

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Share this article Published: Thursday, September 3, 2009

Updated: Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Multi-Ethnic Chamber Alliance hosted the Third Annual Multicultural Career Expo on Wednesday at the Norris Convention Center in North Austin, hoping to match up employers with minority workers.

The event was the third of such expos organized by the alliance, comprised of the Austin Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce and Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

This year’s expo drew larger crowds, with about 500 local job-seekers speaking with recruiters from almost 60 potential employers.

“It was a very diverse mix, so it brought in a lot of people from the community,” said Erica Estetter, executive director of the Asian-American group. “Our chamber tried to do a good job of promoting in different newspapers so we could make sure to reach out.”

Some companies that have been involved in past years, including Texas Workforce, noticed the rise in turnout.

“I began with 400 bags [to give away] and now, I only have about 20 left,” said Robert Pena Jr., business service consultant for Texas Workforce. “This has been the best one so far, lots of people making lots of good contacts and getting good information.”

The day included a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Mayor Lee Leffingwell, the career fair and classes focusing on improving interview skills, resume development and job-hunting techniques.

“I enjoyed the classes — they were very descriptive and helpful,” said James Price, who has attended all of the chamber alliance’s three career expos. “They really break it down for you and make it easy.”

Some first-timers also found the expo to be helpful in finding a bit of security.

“I came here trying to find a job, even though I already have a full-time job,” said Austin resident Hermelinda Vargas. “I’m trying to keep my options open, because anything can happen, especially with the way things are now.”

The chamber alliance is already making plans for a fourth career expo and expects to improve and expand the event for next year, Estetter said.

“[The career expo] is not just for minorities, it’s for everybody,” Price said. “Minority is just a label. This is for everyone, because everyone needs employment.”

- The Daily Texan


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Some rappers name themselves after heroes, villains, and cartoons. His name is a simple fact. Nov 27, his date of birth. .
When it comes to lyrics, Nov 27 composes extravagant rhymes pulsating with connotations of poverty up-rise, politics, and history. Behold a young man with ambition to bring about the unity of humanity through his music and activism.
Nov 27 has amazed audiences with reality rhymes performing at venues such as the Save Austin Music Gala, The 512 part 10 & 15 series, Club 1808, Troubadour, Club Fuze, The historic Victory Grill and much more.
Born in Little Rock, Ar, Nov 27 had discovered his raw talent at age 14 and begins taking music more seriously. Nov 27 shares the same birthday as Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Twista, Jaleel White (Steve Urkel), and Raz B (B2K). Since moving to Austin, TX in 2006, Nov 27 has become a prominent figure in the Austin Community. Nov has been interviewed by News 8 Austin, KVUE 24 and Fox 7 for being involved so deeply with politics and music in the city. Nov 27 also meets with the panels of the Live Music Task Force and Live Music Commission at Austin City Hall to voice the lack of support from the city for hip-hop in Austin. Nov took a job as an elections clerk in March 2008 and was awed by the intensity of the Democratic primary caucuses
July 2008 Nov 27 was granted a scholarship to attend the August 2008 National Hip-Hop Political held in Las Vegas where he met and spoke with Rosa Clemente. 2008-2009 Vice President nominee for the Green Party. Nov 27 is credited for creating the Break the Barrier Tour executed under the control of Rosa Clemente.
Nov has only begun on the journey to success and has acquired a mass of experience and knowledge he uses to guide him through all of life’s obstacles. Nov 27 is a noble young man who grows more humble and wiser through music