November Rising

November Rising




And yet it moves...

It's a tumultuous world. On the West Coast of Canada, there are desolate shores and howling winds. Some of the largest trees in the world. Small fishing towns and logging camps make up the picture. There are snow-capped peaks and waterfalls. It's picturesque, if isolated.

The larger cities hold the same promises and lies that others do. Car crashes, bar-fights, broken hearts, broken knuckles. Fortunes made, countless nightclubs, high-tech schools and low-tech labour. There are races on the streets. Undercurrents. These are lives we have lived, and these are the stories we describe.

It's this blend of nature and industry that has shaped the band. When you hear the music, you can hear the thunderstorms and the quiet streets. The instrumental core of the band was formed formed in the Kootenay Mountains on a cursed mid-winter day in 2006. The shift to the coast brought a vocalist and in 2008, a second guitarist into the mix. It's a new, electric, inspired energy running straight through the And Yet It Moves project.

Now, the lineup is complete. The direction of the band and it's reason for being, is in the name itself. November, frigid and in stasis. Rising, movement and progression. We've seen and lived through both. So here it is. A call to push forward. To keep moving. To keep writing, keep playing - to keep searching. To dig in, right here and now, and rise.

March 2009
- Erik Lindholm


"And Yet It Moves" 2009 EP (to be released March 19)

"November Rising" 2006 EP
-Stockholm, Shed the Light, Get it On
(PHC Radio, Edmonton)

Set List

Example of original Set List:
-What Pesos
-Overture (for a reoccurring dream)
-Down Below
-So Loud

Occasional Covers:
-Stone the Crow (Down)
-Thunderkiss '65 (White Zombie)
-The Sound of Muzak (Porcupine Tree)
-All Hell for a Basement (Big Sugar)