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The guy is a 6 foot 4, 145 pound soaking wet, rail-thin rapper from Western
Pennsylvania. That doesnt sound like much, that is, until you hear it.



A 6′ foot 4″, 145 pound soaking wet, rail-thin rapper from Western Pennsylvania. Doesn’t sound like much, that is, until you hear it.

Often his rap style is described as “bouncy”, “explosive” and “colorful”. GO Magazine calls him “One of those all-too-rare musicians who understands the difference between playing a gig and delivering a show”. His sharp delivery, smooth wordplay and amiable stage presence is what makes him a vibrant experience to see and hear. "NOVI NOV molds catchy, commercial hip-hop with intricate lyrics to produce an appealing sound” says

The self-proclaimed “Tall Slimmy” has rocked the stage with some of the best having opened for artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Flo-Rida, Lil Jon, Roscoe Dash, Travis Porter, Ryan Leslie, and more. He is a Pittsburgh Hip Hop Award winner, A3C Award Nominated Video Director, MySpace Music Feature Artist, and sort of a viral sensation with his “Periodic Table Rap” reaching over 250,000 views. 

Jump started and driven by his sister’s belief in him, NOVI began to perform around his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After making a name for himself in the local hip hop community, along side artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Boaz, and Mac Miller; NOVI would make his way to Atlanta, GA. Moving on faith and an undying dedication to his craft, he would rub elbows with Jermaine Dupri, T.I., Nelly, Trey Songz, Big Sean, Rick Ross, J.Cole, and many, many more.

Spending years just under the industry radar, the stage seems set for "his time”. He hopes to create a legacy in music that lasts far beyond his years and if for nothing else, to show his lone daughter, Jozi, she can do anything she sets her mind to.


"Bang Wit It"

Written By: M.Rankin (NOVA)

“Bang Wit It” (written by M. Rankin)

I’m back wit a verse back in the middle back with a hearse / back to the curb on attack for the herbs and I’m strapped wit the words take it back leave a turd/ guess whos in it all black tinted hummer give me the wheel i’ll spin it / pat say jack and i’ll eat your spinach plus yo head off finish him / let a nigga know who do better i doodoo better than you do letters in notebooks ‘stead of being all bitch like get wit it you better / ambridge biatch 724 dont bore me wit the bull shit hate nigga wait i make shit quake i’m haarp you hard i’m harrrrd/ you cod go fish im back to get my shit give me props but i dont play wit no stage show tho / i want stage show doe to make bread i need meds sick in head altzhimers / one of the bestest all timers i forgot remember now choppin niggas down like timber now mufasa you simba wow / im all of that plus that rolls gold you niggas ice box on pluto cold

*chorus x8* Ba-ba-bang wit it *chorus end*

Dope at everything everything do it for dolo bra flow that stay swollen like Bolo brah / all my solo broads take ya bras off / listen this is nova law my law is the golden law aww / rap icon flow diamond on an island who better than me dylan / dylan, dylan, dylan, nor dylan my legal name 11 check the spelling i won hah / rust where what year bust everywhere / trust yeah fuck yeah ima fuckin bear / lion anaconda techtonic bomber pirahana osamas nightmare comma lyrically gifted decked in armor / the legendary novatribe rises captain be hard on the enterprise bitch stop yo lie shit unh / im all that plus the rolls gold you niggas ice box on pluto cold


"Say What U Gon Say"

Written By: M.Rankin (NOVA)

“Say What You Gon Say” (written by M.Rankin)

Aw guess whos back 6’4 same skinny nigga guess who black / amb ambridge deliver the sandwich for the starving artist so guess who’s phat / all these records i done made all these hours i prayed / gimmie a second to play touchdown today / bit of shade as i throw on this dope flow black man high what you smokin that dope for / an unlimited choke hold an imminent threat close to home also known as the loco long cocoa colored bro bro / the flow glow like sheen charlie hardly more brown than cleveland / fly like a hawk king like steven haters keep on walking get leaving / let a brotha rocking get geeking off the tempo this off the tent pole / off 10-4 you copying info don’t bite turn it up in ya tempos aiight

*chorus x2* Ya’ll love to hate me oh why / hear you when i walk by / that’s all right that’s okay say what you gon say *chorus end*

Whut up upped the game from up under my name / the hero of the dust to dust spirit has came to dust off the thang i love but all you lame ass niggas wanna chain my tugboat / remain my soul tracks could die cold game origami fuck it i’ll fold / gimmie my props so many cities i rock its not new im not a hot name / but now my city on top its only fitting i pop big titties thats hot and got brains uh / my planes up ya’ll lames up my flames up and i’ll blaze ya fool / yo can i keep it real a minute thought certain a nigga finished / the message that GOD intended is never to be diminished / cause cant nobody present it the way that novi present it / its good for you like a diet provided wired in spinach / thank heavens for all these seconds that heaven high has invented / haters keep throwin stones my metals never been dented /

*chorus x2*

"Conquer The Devil"

Written By: M.Rankin (NOVA)

“Conquer The Devil” (written by M. Rankin)

Achieve it only if i believe it / most these suckas is lucky wit me luck isnt needed / hustle sweat and i grind i swear that these niggas cheated / aint no time for complaining just get in the game and beat it / my reflection says my destiny’s due thru my review / extended minutes in sessions GOD images through / get the point for the sentence is through / break outta prison wit a couple of bars do how the citizens do / forget chasin them ghosts 9/5 to ya grave / fantasize seeing rays through the cloudiest days /my daughter dont see me wile im grinding for praise / the spirit slaves to never fail rhyme on a stage / risk it all for pocket lint facebook likes / read and retweets my opulence stasis defeat moments in deep / forgettin all my christian beliefs stuck in a shadow of my own feats / foot on my feet standing on one leg holdin my ground / stares wooden but some stay holding me down / not sure my motive its harder now to keep my head level / but ima die a legend and rebel watch me conquer the devil

*chorus x4* Watch me conquer the devil *chorus end*

Scene was a genius his team was full of demons in dreams / solace his privacy college his insurance policy scheme / blood thick in his poet marks had the heart to beat dragons / seemed like the planet was laggin / baggage heavy feet dragging / beggin for scars share his soul words electronically / fuckin around honestly bitches astonish me / fall in love whatever accepted heart broken left it / left a bit of himself in a wide open necklace its all / a little bit fucked up what am i dog a little bit fucked up i manage dog / from not only that so much as made me lack / heart compassion soul fire / that all faceted well fastned in faster race driver / in this lifes fast lane the pains liver / the trains rider cannot control why the conductor cannot switch rails I tried to / racked out my motherfuckin brains i got to / find a way to put out all these flames i got to / nothin in this planet seem the same i got to / make it so my pictures in the frame i got to / even if they never hear my name i got to / fuck it nigga charge it to the game i got to / this for my daughter not the fame i got to / this is for my daughter not the fame /

*choir* I shot the the devil *repeats to end*


Detemination of an Underground Rapper LP - 2006
Ambition of an Underground Rapper LP - 2007
Dreams of an Underground Rapper LP - 2008
The Atlanta Projekt LP - 2009
No Map To Kansas LP - 2010
The Tall Slimmy LP - 2011
Supernova LP - 2012

Set List

Average Set List Includes:
1- track (mixed show - 12+ minutes)