“…One of the most professional sounding independent bands in the scene right now.”
-professional reviewer
“Holy Crap!!! Its [sic] like if john lennon [sic] were still alive and covering his ears…”
-unprofessional reviewer

Maybe an internet record store’s message board is a lousy place to start, but then again an average rating of five stars – each tagged with some dewy-eyed listener’s assertions that this band is the band that will change everything – speaks volumes. It is, after all, indicative of the swelling numbers of fans brought in after every show and first listen – young disillusioned listeners floating in an ocean of cookie-cutter wannabe emotive rockers, thirsting for something genuine. Anyone can imagine their response when they stumble upon Novice. Consider something akin to the second entry above.
‘Novice’ may be their name, but it does not apply to this band in any respect. They’ve honed their songwriting, stage presence and musicianship with every show they’ve played over their years together. This isn’t a band that threw some chords together and waited for stardom to happen to them, these are four seasoned musicians and songwriters with one hell of a work ethic whose only goal is to play inspiring pop music to the masses. They’ll be the first to admit that they’re not aiming to change the world with their music, but if you think you’ve heard it all before then you’ve got another thing coming. This “breath of fresh air” to a trite and tired category has, with the release of their debut album, Interrupting the Scenery, sent out into the world their blend of catchiness, uniqueness and – most importantly – unpretentious sincerity.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Novice surfaced during a surge of hardcore bandwagoners but emerged unscathed, commanding respect for themselves and their music amidst the overwhelmingly superficial scene. Their record release show in San Jose challenged the six hundred person limit of the club as that throng begged for more - sweaty, hot, and sore throated, the crowd hollered wildly for their two encores. That night saw the band nearly sold out of the albums that they’d brought – by Jared’s count it was “like… freaking… two hundred” – and in the first five weeks that followed their label’s store of 1,000 copies ran nearly dry. At the time of this publication, six weeks into the release of the album, Interrupting remains on the top ten list of – a big deal for a band that started out as a side project in tiny Hollister, California. These days Bay Area bands plead for Novice to jump on the bill simply to draw from their gigantic fanbase.

Backed by the small Orange County label Rigged Records, a rigorous internet ad campaign and a strong following, Novice have embarked on the next step towards the glory they deserve: nonstop touring. They’ll see you soon.

A press release has never convinced anyone of anything, but suggestion isn’t without its merits, so we leave you with this: the music speaks for itself. Sit back and take an earful; it won’t change your life, but it’ll certainly make your day.


Interrupting the Scenery, 2004 (Rigged Records)
A Day Out In The Sun EP, 2003 (Independent)

Set List

My Last Breath
The Distance
Starting Over
The Last Time
I Could Say
Don't Leave
Letter From A Friend

Set Run Time: 30-45 Minutes
No Covers