"This cross-pollenating Winnipeg group has been pared down to a kick ass quartet with strong new material and shifty time signatures that never lose their pop core. It says something when their Small Faces cover is their weakest song. Ex-Duotang bassist Rod Slaughter is electrifying". Exclaim!


Winnipeg, Manitoba: Winter, mosquitoes, the Golden Boy, dirt, Monty Hall.
Mod Soul Power: Tight, impeccable, sophisticated, swaggering, passionate.
Winnipeg Mod Soul Power: Novillero.

Ladies and gentlemen, please help us welcome to centre stage, the one and only Winnipeg Wall Of Sound, Novillero. Rising like a Phoenix from Arizona from past indie-rock acts such as Mint's own Duotang, Transonic, and Bulletproof Nothing, Novillero is a four piece tour de force of chops and charisma, played by musicians who have been there, done that, toured the globe and back again, and have matured into knowing exactly what they want, and how they want to deliver it.

Key songwriter, keyboardist and bassist Rod Slaughter spent the last eight years in Duotang, a minimalist mod band of just bass and drums (on hiatus at the moment as drummer Sean Allum attends to his being a father!). In Novillero, it's as if Slaughter and his bandmates Sean Stevens, Grant Johnson, and David Berthiaume are making up for lost time, layering instrument upon instrument, chorus upon chorus and hook upon hook, molding their "Aim" into the band's finest work to date.

Searing out of the speakers like a modern day all-star shakedown of the Small Faces, the Who, and the best of the earth-shaking Booker T and The MGs, Aim Right for the Holes in Their Lives does just that - if indeed what you lack is an adrenaline shot of the purest mod exuberance.

Start with the incredible energy of "The Hypothesist" (possibly both Novillero and Slaughter's best song - ever) then move on to the pysch-stunning "Habit Over Heart," change it up with "Abbey," then try the title track "Aim Right For The Holes...." This is tight, realized rock n roll music.

Oh, and yes, even the four members of Novillero admit that they don't pronounce the name of their band correctly. Sure, if this was, you know, Spain, or even Sesame Street, it would be correctly pronounced "Nobby-yerro" (meaning a novice bull-fighter), but everyone up here in Canada has referred to the foursome phonetically for so long, don't feel guilty doing the same.

Like West Coast heroes Hot Hot Heat and The Killers, Novillero are beginning to produce the kind of tight-packed indie tunes that could one day take them far. The Fly (UK, Nov/Dec 2004)


The Hypothesist

Written By: Rod Slaughter/Novillero

Often times he would hypothesize about things that best be left unknown
Like where the motivation truly lies with the people that he’d come to know

It wasn’t lack of trust or anything negative that made him decide
More the influence of the silver screen on an over-imaginative mind
Never had a reason or rhyme for the plots that he would imply

He’s got some wry hypotheses churning out (the hypothesist is churning wry hypotheses)

People often would call him paranoid – he said “cautious is a better word”
But when his theories turned round upon himself, things took a turn for the worse
Contemplating every sign, and reading in between every line
He thought the ends could be foreseen through the analysis of the means

He’s got some wry hypotheses churning out (the hypothesist is churning wry hypotheses)

He questioned everything incessantly but the answers were seldom found
And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, eventually it wore him down
It wore him down.

The Art Of Carrying On

Written By: Rod Slaughter/Novillero

I am happy with the present life, despite the little bends and turns
And I’m relatively satisfied that nothing’s ever going to change my world
That isn’t to say that I’m never stirred, heaven knows that I’ve been stirred before
I know you well enough to plainly see
The reasons that had prompted you to leave
But I keep carrying on.

I’ve no need in keeping flames alive, someone’s bound to end up getting burned
But I do believe time to time everybody should take a turn
Building a statue out of broken pasts and paying respect to all the things that have passed before.
I, as well, have had desire to up and leave
Now and then and often in between
But something keeps me grounded here and tongue-tied.
It’s the art of carrying one (knowing time heals all)

I was singing your praises well until dawn, I really miss you now that you’re gone
I was singing your praises well until dawn, I really miss you now that you’re gone
But I’m trying to gauge if it’s right or wrong that I miss you now you’re gone
I’m losing the art of carrying on - I really miss you now that you’re gone.


iTunes Canada single of the week June 05 (The Hypothesist) album and streaming video (The Hypothesist available through iTunes
#3 most added album CMJ AAA (US) (Peak)
#6 Canadian College Radio Airplay (Chart) (Peak)
#93 - CMJ radio chart (US) (Peak)
Aim Right For The Holes In Their Lives (May 2005, Mint)
IPX No. 5 Split EP (2004, Endearing)
The Brindleford Follies (2001, Endearing)

Set List

We usually play anywhere from 9-12 songs, plus usually 1-3 covers (usually a 60s soul or garage pop tune), lasting 30-45 minutes or as needed.