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Novi Novak

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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"HipHopRX - The Real Novi Novak Q&A"

HipHopRx: For those who don’t know yet, tell us in two sentences who is Novi Novak.
Novi Novak: I am the definition of self-made from day one. I’m that guy that is all about lyrics so you can listen to my songs 15 times and hear something new every time.

...Click link to read full interview. -

"Novi Novak"

“This is BroBible's Friday feature to help expose all the up-and-coming artists who are trying to breakthrough on the scene. ” - Bro Bible

"Novi Novak - Reason Number 1"

“Novi Novak is from Chicago. He has a pretty dope flow on this song. The song is very catchy and seems like something that would make the radio. The song has a Cash Money / Young Money sounding beat. Props to Skyler Carrico for sending us an email about the song.” -

"New Sound"

“Fresh out of Chicago, Novi Novak, is rapidly increasing interest from fans and fellow rappers alike. Having only recently begun to buzz around the listener’s ears with his HARD remix of Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Black & Yellow’, Novi’s been around for a little longer than that releasing underground successes such as ‘Don’t Compare ‘Em’ and his ‘Ransom Freestyle’. - Matt Hayes - MHayes Music Blog

"Artist: Novi Novak"

“Yesterday his "Black and Yellow" remix caught my eye so I decided to give it a listen...DAMN. This guy goes hard!". . . "Listen to his punch lines, they are very witty. This guy will be blowing up very soon, keep an eye out for him!” - Pump The Beat

"If I by Novi Novak"

“I introduced you guys to one of the sickest rappers coming out of the Midwest, Novi Novak, just a few days ago. His “Black and Yellow” remix is filthy and the rest of his tracks definitely do not disappoint at all.". . . "Novi Novak’s going places…just saying.” - Dirty Mexican Lemonade

"They'll All See by Novi Novak"

“Great lyrics, great flow, great hook, and great beat (by TellingBeatzz). Also, the video is pretty cool, since all the lyrics are portrayed on fan submitted pictures.” - Pump The Beat

"Novi Novak - by Many, Equalled by None"

If you have not yet heard of the one they call Novi Novak, you are missing out on a talented individual. In a cruel industry that chews people up and spits them out again – Novi Novak has proved to be a stayer. One can see that the future of Rap Music is truly in safe hands.

His debut E.P. ‘Aura of a Super Villain’ (released: June 2011) sets a new page for the young entertainer, with 3 new songs for his fans. However, there is only one song that didn’t quiet grab me, that being the singing in ‘Web of Lies’, although the lyrical work never cease to amaze.

What set’s Novi apart from other’s is that, he writes in a creative fashion, which transports fans right where he wants them – feeling exactly what he feels. In a sense, every song he composes, his intentions, to be true comes loudly across. This young man has the vision, creativity and determination to make anything possible. A real Aristocrat in the Rap Music Industry.

Looking back, Novi started Rapping around the age of 15, an art-form that he would eventually master to perfection. His then, continuous battle rapping earned him respect and recognition among his peers. His love for creative writing was always there even as young as nine. Being in trouble with the law became second nature – although his experiences are the essence of what we hear in his music today.

His songs appeal to people of all walks of life, and his newly released EP will not disappoint. Paradoxically, we all at times, can find a little of ourselves in what he writes. Here, I would like to mention another character named Corbin Cox, the lad behind the filming of Novi’s video clips. So often directors and cameramen are lost behind the scenes – hardly mentioned, except for credits.

Corbin Cox who had always fancied of having a career in filming – never thought he would have the chance to prove himself. As a Collage student it somehow all went wrong and soon he’d much preferred partying than to study. In 2010, he heard Novi’s youtube release ‘Ransom Free Style’ which sparked an interest. It was through a mutual friend that Corbin met Novi and as they say in show-business, the rest is now history.

I have been following Novi Novak’s music since the release of Hot Boy in March 2010, after hearing his latest offering, I recommend it – so if you enjoy the music of Novi Novak – help support this independent artist. You can purchase his EP at the following link. His Previous songs can also be heard on youtube. - EpodCentral

"Novi Novak - Interview with Radio Now 100.9"

Novi Novak gets a LIVE interview with Indianapolis, Indiana's hottest radio station Radio Now 100.9! Check out the interview link live below.
- Radio Now 100.9


Most recently, Novi has released an EP named "Aura of a Super Villain" on iTunes. Tracks include the following:

1. Super Villain
2. Web of Lies ft. Sebastian
3. Sleepin' On Me

Previously, Novi has released a full mixtape called "Hibernations Over" online for free download. The track list includes the following:

1. Hibernations Over
2. I Told'm
3. Reason Number 1
4. Black And Yellow Remix
5. Bang This
6. If I
7. Want Me Gone
8. Don't Comparem
9. In With The Old Skit
10. Sittin' Here (2008 Throw Back)
11. Ransom Freestyle
12. I Said Go
13. Hooked On The Feel
14. Go Home
15. They'll All See
16. Stupid (Real Talk Bars)



Novi Novak is one of the most successful independent Hip-Hop Artists in light of a recent music career beginning and amount of song material publicized. Since last June alone he has acquired a monolithic fan base with one mixtape (18 songs) receiving over 6.5 million views on his YouTube channels music videos, resulting in over 750,000+ downloads worldwide. One song from the mixtape was crowned the "Best free-verse in rap history".

Born and raised in Chicago Heights, IL (A south suburb of Chicago well known for gang violence), he exudes confidence, yet expresses a rough life at the same time that you can envision as you savor. The listener is brought into his world for the few minutes each track resonates in their ears, while being satisfied by puzzling word play and some of the wittiest punchlines in the industry today. Consider it a challenge and take a listen!

Currently Novi Novak is working on his second mixtape. The iTunes release of his first EP, "Aura Of A Super Villain," was an incredible success. It has brought platinum record producers with extensive backgrounds in major recording studios, such as The Hit Factory in Miami, onto his independent label that states, "This kid is ahead of his time. Society eventually catches up and when they do I'll already be there proving I know talent that can be a legend when I see it. He just needed better production and now that he has it, the word unstoppable comes to mind." -Majeed Fick

After extensive work put forth and a fan base accumulated to a size that usually takes an Artist years to acquire, Novi Novak is finally prepared to grow exponentially with his stage performance abilities. Live shows are the last step of a finished product, a final piece of the puzzle. Daily his YouTube receives 20,000-40,000 views and growing. To date, his iTunes singles have sold over 3,500 units and he has sold over 800 pieces of merchandise.

"Novi Novak is not only someone to watch, but listen, learn and expect great things from." - Jason Crets, HHL