Novuh of Valhalla Entertainment

Novuh of Valhalla Entertainment

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Naturally, Novuh’s charismatic, lighthearted and carefree spirit embodies what hip hop needs now. His positive attitude & outlook on life reflect his “Hyphy” style of Hip Hop. Bringing high energy and raw emotion with his lyrics, he’s known for his infectious stage performance. Novuh brings personality to any project he participates in and is definitely worth a double take!


“Novuh” – the celestial phenomenon, in which a star explodes, releases a great burst of light.
This Seattle native chose his distinctive name after becoming more active in recording back in 2009-2010 with Valhalla Entertainment. Originating from his explosive personality, this was the perfect name to describe this colossal individual. Kevin Dobson aka "Novuh" has been writing music since 2000, but didn’t make his mark in the business until the summer of 2010 when he decided to jump at the opportunity to showcase his talents further south. Since residing in the Inland Empire (CA), Novuh has had the chance to grace various stages throughout Southern Cali & as far south as Phoenix, AZ which include:
• Stray Cats (Phoenix, CA)
• University of Redlands
• The Press Box
• Pasadena Terrace Club
• Lake Alice Trading Co.
• The Hideaway Inn
In May 2012 he also traveled to Everett, WA to do a show with some local artists at Hayley’s Bar & Grill. Upon his return, the grind continues. Novuh plans to drop his first full length cd, InNovuhation July 2012. Novuh has been spending a lot of time recently re-evaluating his style of music and we can look forward to a lot of different styles and features. Packed with stellar production, this release is guaranteed to be a summer standout!


Cali Beach

Written By: K. Dobson

Cali Beach lyrics

lookin 4 a rocker chic to come and try to handle me,
i be in them guts so don't end up as my casualty,
lounging in my casual tee, backstreets of venice beach,
rollin thru this alley deep, reppin my miami heat,
showed her how to cat daddy, we flimed parts of her ohh nananee,
yo fan she is a baddie, watch her roll me up a fatty,
i took her to the top floor and gave her a soft landing,
like a bandit man, these suckas can't stand me,
its ya boy Novuh d, chill in on these cali beach,
picked me an italian piece, who says she likes to swallow deep,
take it from this novuh beast, now go on a rest in peace,
then call me to the rescue please, and leave the business up to me,
half court game said i don't need no more referees, can't see my handles see, coasting sea to shining sea,
pros say I'm the greatest, even the baddest want my babies, freshest one in da game, and all my fouls are just flagrant, she could be into ya'll, still juggle on these balls, taking bad bitXhes down, Novuhlyfe above it all, roll wit my valhalla family, addicted inc gets my salary, trusting these, i need a grammy see, or i'll come out here to fuXkin reek havoc g, like I'm a bad diease, spreading thru los angeles, pick apart the skin, rip it open, I'm the plasma see, invisible man, i go ghost, they call me caspa g, novuhs gone crazy, bout to set off a catastrophe, should of gave me an apostrophe, or maybe an asterisk, these women can't have this, mess in wit young novuh turns into a habit, my hyper dermic tongue turns them all into addicts, So turn the swagg up, push start my components, Zoe Salanda attitude, Colombiana on my sonnet, next on the list and i know she really want it. astral projection type shXt, yeah i'll take you out of body,So you my spicy flaunt ( deep fried soft taco), and some novuh makes u hotter, taking shot right from the bottle and we'r not drinking no water, hit me with the Waalaa, Body paint, covered in the dye,
she asks are u leaving me, my reply was a not ah, now I'm only working harder cause i love these cali summers, catch her reaching in her prada, to pull me out some marijuana, don't bring me no drama, might cope you some designer, but if you bring your problems then young novuh won't holla, hey i can only take u higher, so hold up all of your lighters, trying to be my KISS girl, got to rock me for all nighters, said I'm posted on this Cali beach, oh yeah thas fuXkin right ah,
going jauqes cousteau on that ass, deep sea scuba diver...


Debut Album, InNovuhation, released July 23rd 2012
Single: Straight Blasted, While I'm in the Zone, and CaliBeach.

Set List

Straight Blasted
Cali Beach
While I'm in the Zone
Catch the Wave
How you living