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אילת, Southern District, Israel | Established. Jan 01, 2002 | SELF

אילת, Southern District, Israel | SELF
Established on Jan, 2002
Band Rock Grunge


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Grunge on Eilat Shores – NowAdays Band"

The boy with the boogie ashore” - so begins song No. 14 in the debut album of the Eilatian band NowAdays, all of which members are from Eilat.

That, in just one sentence, sets NowAdays in the local atmosphere so typical of Eilat, and emphasizes immediately the unique combination the band creates between the sounds of heavy grunge and the sunny on beaches of Eilat.

NowAdays band produces grunge music and hard rock intertwined with emotional melodies, and like any other living thing, continues to evolve and change throughout its existence. NowAdays was established in 2006 in Eilat but actually already began its course in 2004 under the name Riverside. Sagi Nave teamed up with friends from school, and in 2005 the band recorded a debut single called "Tarud", and appeared in the International Jazz Festival in Eilat. Followed, the band sold many copies of the single around the country, and then immediately flew to England for several months in order to make money. Months soon turned into years, when the band played in the streets of Leeds, performing in places like Bull & Gate, Covent Garden, and even had a performance in the viral program Balcony TV. During this period the band came to Israel and in 2007 recorded six songs, released under the name An EP of Demos.

With the return to Israel, in 2008, NowAdays took part in the Cellcom-Volume contest and won the opportunity to record their next single - "Zero". This single made ​​Ron Banano, who had just opened his new recording studio "BananoMusic", to pick up the phone and invite the band members to record in his studio. Banano was so impressed with the band's work, that he even gave it a free studio recording time, only to allow the band's magnificent talent to be expressed.

Over the years, the band has changed, when the core stayed Sagi and Annabelle, and now the band has five members: Guy Neve - vocalist and guitarist, Annabelle Jean - soloist, Liron Zadok - guitarist, Liav Noi - drummer and Thomas Levy - bass. Recently, NowAdays released its debut album - Cut -Out. The album was released on 20.2.2014, Kurt Cobain’s birthday, and is distributed worldwide on the web and in stores like iTunes, Amazon, and others. The album has 16 Tracks leading the listener on a journey between heavy distortion sounds and calming pleasant violins.

This link - between toughness and calmness, between the international and the local, between grunge and sunny shores of Eilat – creates the band NowAdays, providing a tone of uniqueness and originality to Israeli music. - Eilat+

"Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase, Volume 26"

Nowadays is a grunge/rock band located in Israel. Known for their mastery of vocal melodies and sassy rhythm section, the group is gaining success through the release of their recent LP, Cut-Out. You’ll be sure to hear indie rock and 90’s alternative influences on this kick-ass album. Check out tracks “Saint” and “Backhand” below: - Riley Rowe



If you know anything about me, you know that bands from the 90’s grunge and other alternative scenes are high on my list of favorites. I was recently contact by an Israeli band named NowAdays that advertised themselves as a band influenced by Nirvana, Incubus, the Foo Fighters and many others. This peaked my interest enough to decide to review their debut album release Cut-Out.

Listening through, it is clear that the band has their own style that is bred out of the 90’s rock scene. Consisting of Sagi Nave (Guitars / Vocals); Anabelle Jean (Vocals); Liron Tzadok (Guitars); Thomas Levy (Bass) and Liav Noy (Drums), the band creates a sound that is multi-faceted. Cut-Out takes you from aggressive rock to softer tones, ultimately giving an all-encompassing sound experience. Central to the album is the presence of great melodies and arrangements, as every song has the right amount of balance to draw any listener in. Present are two vocalists who bring their own unique musicality to the table. Also present are amazing instrumental lines, rhythms, and harmonies (courtesy of a backing string group in various track). With Cut-Out you will find yourself singing the hooks, pumping your fist to the jams, and ultimately having a full-fledged rock experience.

The most refreshing thing about NowAdays’ debut album is that they do not try to “relive” the glories of a past era, instead taking their own viewpoint and placing it into their influences. Unlike many 90’s style bands that channeled rage and nihilism, you actually feel uplifted listening to Cut-Out, even when pain is being discussed. Rock that takes you out of your situation and transplants you into a better place is always a wonderful thing.

You really cannot go wrong listening to NowAdays, especially if you love bands like Mudhoney, the Gin Blossoms, the Smashing Pumpkins and other great 90’s groups. I want to stress though, this band is not a look into the past, but rather a gaze into the future. I promise, you will love this album. So go on, buy Cut-Out and see for yourselves, don’t just take my word for it.