No Way Out

No Way Out

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No Way Out is a Classic Rock and blues cover band that play the songs that helped make us who we are today. AC/DC to ZZ TOP. They get the people involved and get them on the floor.


No Way Out started in 2005 with a group of guys that wanted to have some fun. Now we not only have fun, but the band is looked upon one of the North Wests best bands for any indoor or outdoor event.

Influences, just to name a few,:
Billy Idol, Judas Priest, CCR, AC/DC, Alman Bros,Eric Clapton,Doobie Bros and a lot more

The energy, and song choices are what makes us different from other bands. No Way Out will take you on a journey and ease you into some harder edged Rock and Roll. We won't shove it in you're face from start to finish.

People who go to a No Way Out show, will know they have been entertained!