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Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany

Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany
R&B Funk




"The band from Germany that has to give the music scene a lot!"

The band from Germany that has to give the music scene a lot! (Rock N' Roll Town, Facebook site) - Rock N' Roll Town (Greek Music Magazine)


Groovacious! (Universal Mastering Studio) - Universal Mastering Studio (USA)

"We were impressed with your music"

we were impressed with your music (BIELER BROS. STUDIOS) - BIELER BROS. STUDIOS (USA)

"Band of the Month - June 2012"

Band of the Month - June 2012 (REGIOMUSIK) - REGIOMUSIK (Germany)

"Lautradio present: The NOWband"

The NOWband - Heard from now on in our airplay show "Demotapes" Friday, every 14 days. (Lautradio) - Lautradio (Germany)

"Cooler Abend"

PRINZ Hamburg: TripHop-Pop trifft auf eine Mischung aus Fusion, Funk, Jazz & Rock. Cooler Abend! (Noola & NOWband im Freundlich & Kompetent, Hamburg) - PRINZ Hamburg (Germany)

"Time for the german band NOWband"

Time for the german band NOWband (Steve Xanthis, Rock N' Roll Town) - Rock N' Roll Town (Greek Music Magazine)

"NOWband reached rank #12 at the Battle of the Bands for Miami (USA)"

NOWband reached rank #12 at the Battle of the Bands for Miami (USA) - Battle of the Bands (Vans Warped Tour '12, USA)

"NOWband on airplay-show 'Newcomer & More'"

NOWband on airplay-show 'Newcomer & More' every Sundays at 5pm at now.
(2012-09-09) - (Germany)


Still working on that hot first release.



The NOWband originated in the beginning of 2010 from the band Gabeè when two old Jazz-Rockers met again in Braunschweig (Germany), Dot Brown and Mick Jackson already founded the on the regional level very successful Jazz-Rock-Band Euphrat in the middle of the 70s.

After an intensive session phase both Gabeè musicians at that time Dot Brown and Ralf Uetze as well as Mick Jackson decided to bring to life a Funk-Band. Later Peter Wolf and José Fernandez arrived and completed the full cast in ideal manner.

The NOWband is influenced in the essentials from R&B, Funk and Soul as well as by the era of Jazz-Rock and Fusion. Beside some cover versions of well-chosen artists like Alicia Keys, Brenda Russel, Randy Newman, Bob Dylan and the cult-funk-band "The Meters" the NOWband place on own compositions.

The song lyrics pick out different aspects of our existence that make life more worth living. Also the song lyrics show a certain slope to spirituality in mental connection to NOW and infinity.

The NOWband - an exciting band which stands with both legs in the here and NOW is worth an open ear.