The Nervous System

The Nervous System

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The Nervous System delivers a genre-bending brand of hip hop with influences from latin beats and opera to rock and reggae.


The Nervous System is the raw combination of MCs Polarity Plus, Sol Storm and D Almighty Eclipse. The group kicked off 2005 opening for Talib Kweli, M.O.P, and John Legend, while hitting the Top 30 on national college radio charts.

Their debut album "Controlled Substance" will be released spring 2005 on Exotic Recordings. Urban Connectionz says, "these rappers are taking hip hop to the next level", and Vice Magazine says it simply, "everyone else pay attention, this is how you do it."

Polarity Plus – Producer/lyricist sends chills up your spine with the realities you can usually push out of your mind. No individual is spared his razor sharp inspection – all at a pace that will leave you heaving.

Sol Storm – A force of nature ranging from the sweetest breeze to the fiercest tornado. Sol Storm sings you to sleep, but wakes you up to the harsh light of the truth like a slap to the face.

Eclipse – With a divine talent for rhyming off the top, he finds words to describe life’s mysteries. Maintaining a sense of humor and a clear eye, his tales weave an intricate web of car chases, cries of loneliness, political rants, and obsessed exes.


Hip Hop Tango

Written By: PJ Davis, Keith Saunders, Linette Solano, Pedro Vasquez

Hip Hop Tango

A young Latin who’s been through some action guns clapping funds stacking weed made my lungs blacken so my attitude is anemic haven’t been eating so my pockets are looking bulimic now I’m scheming to get my grub on from spitting a club song got the whole crowd sweating like we got our fuck on can’t be stuck on one place cause I’m a migrater the newest buzz in everyone’s mouth like the world sucking on vibrators got my head in the clouds like skyscrapers when it comes to that weed only that sticky icky like flypaper hibernator in the day dweller of dark a story teller at heart who’s street and intellectually smart I know life can be stressful and hard but let’s go have a shot at the bar then roll and toke a remedy cigar of that purple izm there’s enough to go around when you tangle with the nervous system

Clap your Hands
Stomp Your Feet
Head Bop to the beat
Pay attention as they speak
Eclipse, Storm, Polarity
So, you think you can Handle the smoking Grooves of the Hip Hop Tango

Verse, Polarity Plus
Here’s Plus Polarity, killing the ill vulgarity, ladies they wanna marry me but i'm tearing the muscle that pumps right but hustle the bump right plus your rump's nice at night when i'm laying up in it twice or three times repeat times to shine me sign of the times i'm telling you the key to their mind is to dick em right. holding

Verse, Sol Storm:
Come on tell me you haven’t been waiting
Making the statement saying where’s the storm warning
I was phoning my booty call while drinking a forty of old-E
While I’m Bleeping ya Honey I’m singing for money
Hold it together always push them up and to the center
You’ll never have better just like E I’m smoking that Sticky Icky
And only wearing Vickie’s asking you to stick me
Hit me wit a confident nigga who marvels with riches
I will always stick up when there’s quarrels with snitches
Come on sip on this Jose or better Yet I got that grey goose and Henny Family get so drunk they callin me Lenny Flippin a Penny to a dollar
Game control like my dog on a collar (sit Zeus)
Tonight I’m fighting for the right to spark up on sight
So, if you got the medicine ready then you might as well light
Bottle of Amaretto on the right and left a splif of mango while I’m dancing to the hip hop tango. Come on


19 tracks of classic underground music

Set List

Set is 1hr

Eternal War
Beat Box - freestyle
Guilty Conscience
Casual Sex
Lonely Individual
My Enemy
Old School Breaks
Sip On Dis
Hip Hop Tango