Nowhere But Comatose

Nowhere But Comatose


A genre bending jam band from Jeffersonville, Indiana. Each musician has a wide range of musical influences but share mostly influences from Phish, The Grateful Dead, and Keller Williams.


Nowhere But Comatose is an experimental, grunge, jamband that formed in 2005 in Jeffersonville, IN. The project started just Nik Lewis and Tommy Bays jamming on some songs that Tommy had been writing in the past few years. Originally it was mostly acoustic stuff, and had kind of a west coast beach feel with some very dark classicalish jams with emoish lyrics. The boys decided they needed a drummer so they picked up Sean Bays, Tommy's nephew who he had previously been in Legendary Sounds of The Darkwood with. Sean was the obvious choice considering he and Tommy were very much influenced by a lot of the same things, not to mention the connection they had from growing up together in the same house. The band started jamming regularly at the Groove Cafe in Clarksville, IN and won the venue's first big Talent competition by playing a magical set (Anyway, Senor Slap, Last Dance with Mary Jane). They beat out a nationally known act in that competition as well. As time went on the band grew tired of the atmosphere at the Groove, something had changed. A lot of screamo/hardcore bands started playing there and the scene had become very different. So they took some time off. They reemerged triumphantly with the first Electric Koolaid Octoberfest Psychedelic Carnival, a free concert at the gazebo located at downtown Jeff's Warder Park. The band played four sets total this night for a total of almost 6 blistering and electrifying hours. This rejuvinated the band tremendously. They recorded a new demo in January of 2007 which would be the first four songs of their effort "Merry-Go-Round", which is still being tweaked out. The band is currently trying to work Craig Keys into the lineup as a rythym guitarist/vocalist, but in the meantime Nik,Sean, and Tommy are continuing their musical mission playing shows around the area. Nowhere But Comatose plans on releasing their first full length cd in late spring of 2008, "Merry-Go-Round", and then immediatley follow it up with "Ferris Wheel" tenativley scheduled to be done by Mid Summer 2008.The band has been very busy as of late, and it seems they will only be getting busier as 2008 rolls on by. Be on the lookout for a whole lot more shows from these guys and whole lot more music. Remember all you Comatose kiddies, keep on grooving and keep on moving.


Familiar With Fire EP, The Purple EP

Set List

Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead), Hallucinations pt.1 & 2, Jazzy Swank, Eyes of the Antelope, The Transcendendalist, The Kids are all on Drugs, Mike's Song (Phish), Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead), Spun, AC/DC Bag (Phish). Songs are open ended and leave room for extended free-form jams and can last up to 10 minutes.